Monday, December 27, 2010

Endings & beginnings

Did you celebrate Christmas? Are you having a relaxing time lately? I love the post Christmas period, the sleepy days where we all just mooch around & the pressure is off. I've been enjoying looking at photo's from the last couple of weeks too, here is Rosie on her last day at kinder/creche. She started in the Possum room as a one year old and moved her way through all the fantastic rooms, to become a big kinder girl. We will miss our local childcare centre where the staff have become friends and there is so much space for free play, adventures & fun. I had a few tears as we said goodbye, endings & beginnings can be hard can't they?

On Christmas Eve we went to an annual gathering up on Wombat Hill with some lovely locals. The kids played cricket, we ate and drank and had a ball.

If you are in the Daylesford area the Botanical Gardens are so worth a visit. Lots of beautiful heritage trees to enjoy and winding paths that lead you along, it's a kind of wonderland.

We have had fun this week, opening pressies and being together. The kids were so excited to all receive on of Jess's creatures on Christmas day!!

They have joined my two, Moby & Pearl, and we now have a whole family!! Billy's turtle, Larry, is a real superstar and I suspect he is the ring leader of the bunch. Aren't they fantastic? Thanks Jess, we love them so much.

Christmas Day was spent at Hepburn on Mum's deck, 



hanging out together (here are my two favourite Bill's),

and generally being festive! We invited our neighbour, Fiona, and her sons and together
with our extended family we had a great day.


The weather was perfect and the food was delicious.  I hope you are having a happy time lately, I wonder what the new year will bring? I'm looking forward to starting a fresh new year, I hope that it will be a great one for us all. With one daughter starting uni & one starting school there are sure to be lots of new things happening. I'm wondering where 2011 will take me too, perhaps it's the start of new things for me as well. Enjoy your last few days of 2010, see you soon lovely friends xo


Kate said...

It all looks and sounds so gorgeous Beck!
I think I should make Rosie a dress to celebrate her last month before uniform. What do you think? What would she like?
We should definitely sneak out for a coffee soon. X

teddybearswednesday said...

SOunds like a very special day. I'm so thrilled the gang was well received.
thank you for your kind words and gorgeous pics about me xo

messyfish said...

hi Beck, your christmas looks lovely and peaceful. no family dramas! how nice...

Maria Rose said...

So much outdoor time at Christmas, lovely!

Tania said...

'Mooching' is such a perfect word for the now! Glad you had a fabulous festive lovely lady. All the very best of new year wishes to you and yours.