Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Angels & other creatures

It's been an eventful day today! We had a lovely visit with Santa this morning, he was in fine form and so friendly. He gave the girls paper angel wings and chatted with them for ages. But someone was missing...

oh there he is! Bill wandered off looking for books but we found him and convinced him to have a photo. Char stayed home, she had her fair share of Santa photo's when she was little!  The visit to Santa was so much fun and a nice distraction from a rather scary event this morning. I was out the back checking on the chickens, and having a cry about Henrietta, who didn't survive the night. Her injuries were too severe and she didn't make it. Poor chookie. I'm glad at least that she was back home and died quietly in the night, curled up in the straw in the chook pen. Anyway, I then found myself looking at my tomatoes and as I kneeled down to have a closer look this is what I saw...

...a snake caught up in the netting I had put over the vegies. Ahhh!!! I guess it hadn't been dead long and although I felt sorry for it I was also glad I hadn't come out a bit earlier, who knows what might have happened. This was a timely reminder that we live in the country and that we are entering snake season.

The kids all had a look and we went through what to do if they find a snake. Lets hope we don't see any more. I don't have anything against snakes but I'd rather they didn't visit our garden!

Guess what? There are four new bunnies in the shop!!

Do pop over and have a look, Freya is waiting to say hi!

And so is Angel, above.

By the way I am LOVING the stories about your childhood toys, it's so much fun hearing all the different dolls, teddies & other play things. It would make a fascinating book, wouldn't it? Each story is so unique but all have a similar theme of love & comfort & fun & childhood. Thanks so much for sharing your memories with me. My giveaway is on until next week so do enter if you haven't, or feel free to mention it on your blog.

Hope you are having a happy week, see you soon xo

Lucy & Chloe


Gifts of Serendipity said...

This really is a post about an Aussie Christmas, the lovely and the not so...

I thought you must have had the most incredible zoom [either that or nerves of steel] to take the first snake photo and then I read on.

Fingers crossed that the only extra visitors that you receive this Christmas are from the man in red and his helpers!

Felicity x

Sue said...

It is lovely that your kids still want to have their photo taken with Santa. I used to have so much trouble with mine having theirs done that I gave up after the first few! I thought you were very brave taking that first pic, and then was very thankful it was of a dead snake. How scary for you. At least it wasnt in the chook house. Hugs for your chicken too, poor thing that she suffered such fatal injuries.

Lindy in Brisbane said...

I am covered in goose-bumps after looking at that snake. Do you know what sort it was? Snakes here in Brisbane where I live now don't scare me quite as much, being mostly pythons. But the snakes of my childhood in Victoria were always Tiger's and send chills down my spine.

Kate said...

YUK!!! I've been asking the boys for weeks now if they've seen a snake yet. Somehow, if noone has seen one then they don't exist and I am safe to walk around the farm. or not. Bloody copperheads, go away!!
I'm so sorry about your poor chooky too. She certainly put up quite a fight, poor thing.
I hope you are having a lovely day. XX

Jemm said...

So sorry to hear about your Henrietta. What a sad story. I can't believe she survived all that time alone.

Was your snake a poisonous variety? Yikes! It's a big one.