Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Summer days

Yesterday our family headed to Melbourne for a long overdue family gathering. We met our lovely extended family at a big park in Elsternwick and I finally met my cousin's new baby, Lily. Isn't she adorable? It was so good to see all my cousins and aunt's and uncles, and of course my brother & his family who are visiting from Hobart.

Back home it seems that summer has finally arrived!

 So today I spent lots of time in the garden, while the kids played, inside & out.

Rosie could be outside all day, she has so much energy. She watered the apple tree for me and jumped in the pool ten thousand times.

Our two apple trees are covered in fruit so I am keen to get nets over at least one of them before the birds discover them. The year before last we had so many apples that I took boxes to school for Fruit Munch.
At our school the kids break for fruit every day at 10 o'clock,  I love this idea, does your school do something similar?

Being outside today was very therapeutic, I love our garden. The recent heavy rain means my roses are looking lovely and my vegies are thriving.

Yay for hanging washing outside! Tragically this is one of my favourite things to do. It's so peaceful out there by the line, just me and the blue sky. 

 Until nutcase Freddie appears and chases Daisy round the garden! Actually it's quite funny and Daisy is not at all phased by being attacked continuously by a mad duck.

Speaking of Freddie I noticed today that he and his girls have finally found the bath I set up for them several months ago. Perhaps the hot weather was the clincher. Anyway, they seem to be enjoying themselves!

Are you on holidays too? I'm enjoying just mooching around, staying in bed late in the morning with a nice hot cup of tea and then seeing what the day will bring. I've been walking every day and that is making me feel good, good, good! I've decided to walk every day, even if it's just a small one, and so far I'm doing well. I walked down to Hepburn, along the fire track today, arriving hot and sweaty at my mum's, but feeling happy & satisfied. I hope I can keep up my walking in 2011, it really clears my head and helps me sleep. Do you have any things you plan to do in the new year?  Hope all is well with you dear friends, see you soon xo


Catherine said...

what a beautiful set of photos - looks like you've had a couple of magic days, and hope this summer has many many more xo

Maria Rose said...

Lovely photos, makes winter seem to last too long here in the U.S.
P.S. I looove ducks!

Lyn said...

Glad the ducks found the bath! lovely photos. Keep walking in 2011 too.

Lizzie said...

I'm glad there's someone else that loves hanging clothes on the line..! I was out there too yesterday, yaay for summer...finally!

Jennie said...

I haven't hung clothes on the line for ages! Our garage looks like a proper laundry at the moment!

Loving the bath shots there -
looks like theres some sun in Melbourne. We will get there at some point! xx

Posie Patchwork said...

People don't understand my love for the clothes line either, but when you have so many single beds with all the linen & children's washing, sunkissed clean washing is perfection to me!! Plus my 4 are all old enough to put their washing away, i love it!!
We also did the big city trip to see extended family after Christmas, so much less hectic, i loved it. Love Posie

Heidi said...

Loved the ducks how cute!! It's so amazing that your in summer wading pools and were in a snow bank!
Happy New Year to come.