Sunday, December 19, 2010

rainy days

It's been a funny old weekend. I got up super early on Saturday morning to drive up to Callawadda to harvest our garlic crop. Michelle & I arrived to find a pretty depressing sight,  a lot of the garlic had rotted and about a third hadn't formed into individual cloves yet. Not enough sun and too much rain meant that this year has been a real dud. We did salvage some garlic, and some shallots though. We ended up leaving the silver skin in the ground (you can see if above, behind the shallots) & we'll go back in a few weeks to see if it has divided. Fingers crossed.

Although it was disappointing for us we are lucky that it isn't our main occupation. I really feel for all the farmers who have had a terrible year, whose crops have failed, who have been affected by the torrential rain and lack of sun. What a tough life it is.

So all of a sudden we had finished pulling out garlic and it was only 11.30! We hung out for a while with Terry, who was crutching sheep,

checked out the new sheep dogs, 

 and William's new buggy.

Back home it's been raining all day and I'm well & truly sick of it.
I'm hanging out for some sunny days and blue skies.

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It's not too late,
bye for now lovely friends, I hope all is well in your world,
see you soon xo


Sue said...

I really do hope you can salvage the rest of the garlic. How sad that the rain destroyed it. It goes from one extreme to the next lately doesnt it. I think we are going to have a very wet summer but it is better than having another drought. I just wish for some sunny days in between some nice light showers instead of all the downpours! Hope you are keeping warm making your gorgeous dolls and bunnies!

Posie Patchwork said...

So sorry about the garlic crop, we're getting a bit sick of the rain here in Canberra too. The sun comes out, teases us, then rain again. Don't have to tell you how annoying it is with a big family to try to get towels & linen dry, argh!! Love Posie

Sheila said...

Thats a pity about the garlic, i love the dolls, they are lovely.

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm so sorry about the garlic Beck, I do hope you can save some more of it.
big hugs
Jess xo

Jennie said...

So sorry about the garlic. Thats great that you managed to save some.

Loving that buggy!XX

aracne said...

It has been a strange and unusual period as far as weather is concerned. We had snow in Florence! You can see some photos on my blog.
Merry Christmas, Beck.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Beck that's such a shame, I was just talking about your garlic last night, when we were told that our local supermarket was having trouble getting Australian garlic this season. So sorry it was not a success. It sure will be nice to have summer come & stick around for a little while. I can't stop looking at our beuatiful bunny & showing everyone that comes over. At this rate sadie might be lucky to get her at all! I hope its a wonderful week for you x

Kate said...

That's such a bummer Beck!
I am so disappointed for you.
Regardless of whether it supports you or not, its still a lot of work and thought for a bad result. And it is such crappy growing weather and I am over it too. XX

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

So sorry to read about your garlic Beck. Whilst I don't sell my produce - and am grateful, I am still saddened by the poor growth my vege's have had. I've spared many a thought for those that rely on a great balance of sunshine and water to get it right for good growth. Sending you sunny days and warm sunshine. P

Vic said...

The weather HAS been crazy, sorry about the garlic... piffle!

Running around madly this afternoon, wishing some of my favourite kiddos a very Merry Christmas - so there you are hon, I do hope you enjoy the holidays, cruddy weather or not.