Sunday, October 10, 2010

This morning I woke..

 .. to beautiful Spring sunlight making patterns on my window. It was so nice to snuggle there in my warm bed, in clean sheets, with church bells ringing up on the hill and the thought of a happy day ahead.

For today we had many fun things planned. Firstly a trip to the Footscray Poultry Auction in Bacchus Marsh to pick up our new ducks. Check out this massive rooster, wow!

 It literally felt like a wild goose chase trying to find the venue, hoping we were going the right way down dusty dirt roads.. 

through fields of insanely yellow canola, until we finally wound our way past some broken down buildings & found two sheds full of the most amazing and diverse range of chooks & ducks I've ever seen.

Inside the somewhat claustrophobic confines of the sheds there were cute babies...

that needed some loving.

And some others that were funny and full of personality!

 But we were there to bring home these two sweeties, Zsa Zsa & Venus.

Here is Zsa Zsa with Alicia, who I found while googling Indian Runner ducks. She hand reared the ducks and their four sisters and this really shows as both ducks are quite relaxed & socialised.

We were hoping these new girls would be good companions for Freddie. The bad news is that he has already attacked them and I'm thinking that his days with us may be numbered. As much as I"m fond of that nutbag bird, I'm also seeing that he has some serious issues & for the sake of the rest of us it might be better if he finds a new home

On a happier note also we met up with this fella today at Jazzie's wonderful spa party. Isn't he the sweetest? It was lovely to be with Kate & her beautiful family. It was good to see Steph & Meg too and I'd love to link to them but I'm struggling with the newest updated blogger editing. Is anyone else?

Sunday had so much fun making a treasure box, soaking her feet in bubbles, getting her (straight) hair straightened, eating fairy bread and hanging out with the party girl & her friends. Fun!

She came home looking very glamourous and very happy.

So it's been a wonderful weekend. I didn't mention the party last night in the back blocks of Ballarat, the visitors from Melbourne, ballet classes, delicious lentil soup, my brother having his birthday today, 10/10/10!  or dancing in the garden, 
but that all happened too. 
Hope you have a happy week,
much love to you all xo


Sue said...

Oh your ducks look so sweet, pity that your other duck doesnt seem to like anyone else apart from humans! The little doggie is adorable and how nice to be able to go to Jazzy's party, your girls must get along so well!

kitty said...

Hmmm, boy ducks are very naughty creatures. Our boy duck Coltrane had to be escorted from the grounds after attacking our chickens. I totally understand your concerns.
Your weekend sounds just gorgeous. I hope this loveliness carries well on into your week. x

Wendy said...

Oh, my...what a busy, gorgeous day! Sunday looks very glam, indeed.

GardenofDaisies said...

Zsa Zsa and Venus are gorgeous ducks!!! Naughty Freddie to attack such beautiful girls!
OH, did Kate get a new puppy? I'm so glad!

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl getting invited to such a wonderful party, she looks pretty chuffed about it too! I love the blankie from your last post, I have been collecting similar pieces hoping to make a summer blanket ready for our beach holiday!.

Kate said...

Wow Beck, you and your new camera are taking some stunning pics! Loved hanging out with you and your gal and then later your boys, yesterday.
I hope you have a wonderful time mulching and I look forward to some sewing hours on Friday.

teddybearswednesday said...

Zsa Zsa and Venus are absolutely stunning!! But I'm sad to hear Freddie's not taken to them, I think perhaps the grief from losing his mate has made him angry at the world.
Sounds like most wonderful weekend.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh more Ducks! That's exciting, I hope they settle in without too much trouble from Freddie. Looks like a wonderful weekend, the weather sure was lovely. It was our 9yr old boys birthday yesterday too on 10/10/10. He was a little disappointed he wasn't born a yr earlier so he would have been turning 10 as well!! Have a great week, & thankyou so much for your sweet comment xx

Julie said...

Love your ducks. We used to have Indian runner duck a few years ago. They are so funny to watch.