Monday, October 18, 2010

At my house

At my house I'm downloading the photo's from the wedding we went to on the weekend.

I'm thinking about all the lovely friends we caught up with.

All the gorgeous kids and babies who were there. Don't the boys look handsome in their suits? Here they are patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin...

...and after a short delay the beautiful bride arrived! Looking amazing and a tiny bit nervous. 

Love her bouquet.


The ceremony went well and there were some funny moments when the family/farm dog wanted to be in it too!


I think both Della & James had a wonderful time, they both looked pretty relieved when the ceremony was over and then spent the rest of the day & night celebrating with their extended family & friends.

The newly weds live on an orchard, up near Shepparton, and is was really amazing to be in this different part of the country, sharing in this special day. I loved meeting the many friends and rellies and just hanging out with this great group of people. 

It was also fun playing with the twelve, yep I said twelve!!, puppies that were snuggled up with their mama in the shed.

 Can you imagine feeding 12 puppies? What a super mum.

Anyway, at my house today I'm feeling a bit weary but happy.
I'm slightly overwhelmed by the chaos that occurred while we were away..where is that fairy godmother when I need her?

This week is going to be busy but fun! More celebrations, starting with Charlotte's school Valedictory Service tomorrow night. I'm having trouble processing the fact she is actually finishing school..forever!
And my little Rosie will be starting school transisition next month. Wow.
Lots to take in.
What's happening at your house today, why not join in with Lou Lou?
See you soon xo


Sue said...

What a beautiful bride and groom. Weddings always make you feel happy dont they. The 12 puppies look so adorable. Good luck with Charlotte's celebration night too, doesnt it go by so fast once they reach high school.

Sue said...

The wedding looked wonderful. I'm glad you had a good time.

clare's craftroom said...

Your friend Delia looks just beautiful and it looks like such a great day !

Maxabella said...

Oh I do love a wedding! Looks like a great occasion.

I totally relate to the chaos at your place. Mine looked like a bomb site following my daughter's 5th birthday party on Saturday. It was scary. Why, oh why, do they have to get every single thing they've ever owned out of the cupboards when their friends come over?!? x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

those puppies, that one with the blue eyes! so cuuuuute!

Melody said...

Gorgeous wedding photos and the cutest puppy.

the textured leaf said...

Wonderful post.
My house looked similar yesterday!

Little Ted Canvas said...

So glad it went well & everyone had a lovely day. The bouquet is truely amazing! Isn't it always mind blowing how quickly mess can appear & how every single toy must be pulled out, but never put away...have a wonderful week & enjoy tomorrow night!

Jennie said...

What a wonderful wedding!! Your husband looks so smart, and i love the flowers!!

Kylie said...

Beautiful wedding!
Must have been a puppy kind of weekend we had two naughty lost ones call in at our house luckily we found their owners, although we did have to convice the kids (mummy?) they had to back to thier own homes.

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

It does sound like a lovely but tiring weekend. The little boys look so cute in their suits and so serious :)
Lots happening at your house! Lou.

Anonymous said...

Woah that is some chaos to come home too lol! SOunds like a really lovely tme was had, the bouquet was gorgeous.

tea pea vintage said...

YOu are always so busy!! Looks like a lovely weekend. That bedroom looks like the ones here! Have a great week. xx

Cherie said...

Gorgeous wedding Beck! Shame you have to face the reality of life sin't it - if only mess would magically disappear. Love your post ;)
Have a great week ;)

flowerpress said...

Love a good wedding, and a good puppy too!