Friday, October 15, 2010


It's a rainy old day here in Daylesford and after a busy, crazy kind of week I'm looking forward to the weekend. Mark & I are off to the wedding of a good friend of ours in Shepparton where Mark will be Best Man. Although there is alot of organising and some distruption for our kids I'm really looking forward to being there to share in the wedding of James & Della, and also catching up with friends who we don't see much of.

Meanwhile I've been having fun matching up several new cardi's,

with some pretty, summery/spring vintage florals.

Love this purple one!

And finishing off bunnies, in between trying to sort out the chaos in the house, remember who has what music lesson when, planning for market, making dates for garlic watering and harvest, checking on the duckies, trying to remember to breathe etc.

As a soothing distraction I'm loving the colours that surround me (does that sentence make sense?) A new blanket from an oppie in Ballarat,

Some fantastic spotty fabric from..yep Spotlight! 

 This one is destined to become a sailor girl bunny!

And I'm thinking a cute Christmas bunny or two, too!

This week our kids have been learning all about Mary Mackillop at school. I've been learning about her too and all the amazing things she did in her life.

She really was a remarkable woman who had such a drive to help those in need.  The children performed a very moving piece at assembly dedicated to Mary Mackillop, as part of their learning. I love that they are taught to value this sense of giving to others, the importance of helping & caring for the community. Speaking of school, I'm also thinking today of my Charlotte who has her last classes today.
I'm a little teary thinking that this part of her journey is nearing an end. I'm such an emotional, sentimental girl sometimes! Love you Char x

Anyway, time to go and get the gang from school & kinder and get on with enjoying the rest of Friday! What are you up to on the weekend? Hope it's a fun one, see you soon xo

ps: hi from Shorty


Little Ted Canvas said...

That opshop blanket is beautiful, what a find! Have a wonderful weekend catching up with friends, sounds lovely..We're off to melbourne to catch up with friends too.. I'm going to check out your upcoming market list, I'm sure you posted it recently, I WILL get me one of those bunnies...

Tania said...

In between all that (tres full) weekend bizzo, remember that breathing thing. Maybe try a few deep breaths now.

(G'day Shorty).

Seaside Siblings said...

Oh I love the little cardigans, so sweet.

Tanya said...

oh sweet as, those cardis make me shiver and smile.