Monday, October 25, 2010


Morning! Before I launch into a photo story of the last few days let me thank you all for your generous comments on my last post about mothering. I really enjoyed reading your comments, I love the way we can share our own experiences & thoughts about this important part of our lives.
It's a topic that will come up again I'm sure, and I hope we can
continue to support each other and share our stories
of ups & downs,
and the joy & fun & challenges
of being a mum.

Now..are you a fan of chocolate mousse?

You really ought to try making it with Toblerone...delicious! I made it for the gang after promising I would for ages. If you would like the recipe just let me know. It's super easy and looked to pretty in tea cups! Not that it lasted long.

We had a fun weekend, the weather was spectacular & we spent a lot of time outside.  I always love this time of year when the leaves return to our two big trees out the back. When the sun shines through the new leaves it creates a beautiful green canopy and it feels like we are in paradise. After a grey, cold winter we are finally defrosting and enjoying some sunshine.

The kids played outside, under the quince tree which is in full bloom. Bees buzzed from flower to flower,

and the chooks feasted on the blossom petals that had fallen from the branches.

Bill climbed the big birch tree, can you see him up there?

Here he is, pretending not to hear his mother calling out...'be careful!'

It was a relief to get him outside and away from his new book about pranks. Oh my goodness. He really tested my patience! He poked tiny holes in the toothpaste, filled his sisters shoes with wet toilet paper, put notes on Dad's car, stuffed socks in Sunday's bed to make it lumpy, put sprinkles in the cereal and the worst one...he glued the Vegemite lid on! Ahhh! Boys!!

I made him go and buy a new jar of Vegemite, cheeky boy. All pretty harmless but a bit dementing! He does come from a long line of serial pranksters...I wonder who bought him the book?? Hmmm..

Whilst trying to avoid being pranked Mark & I worked on our new vegie patch.

The chooks helped too!

Guess what? Freddie lives to see another day! Yep, he & the girls have formed a tight bond and can be seen marching around the yard every day on their quest for snails, slugs & worms & all things duck. They really are an adorable gang, and Freddie is no longer the unbalanced stalker duck he was.It's so fun watching them all
waddling around the garden, yay!

Oh how lovely it was being outside!

Are you a fan of Paul Kelly? I'm thrilled to be reading his long awaited book, if you can get hold of a copy it's brilliant. Now I just need to find my Paul Kelly cd...

 Well lovelies, better run. It's time to pick up Rosie from dancing. What are you up to this week? Hope it's a fun one, see you soon xo


Sue said...

Oh I am so happy that Freddie has a new group of friends to hang with, how wonderful. Your chocolate mousse in teacups looks so delicious, we are big fans of chocolat mousse so you will have to share the recipe Beck! Your veggie patch will be a sure winner with the chooks helping out, what a cute pic! I had to have a giggle about Bill's antics too, I am glad no-one bought my son that book, lol!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful time at your place. It's so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the sun again and it seems like all of you got to this weekend. If you're happy to share your yummy recipe that would be great, we looove chocolate here.
It sounds like your boy has been having lots of his own fun at your place, my hubby would love that book he's such a joker(lol) Enjoy your week. xo

flowerpress said...

how cute are freddy and the gels!

Wendy said...

Oh, lovely, Beck. Your chooks are making me homesick for ours...they aren't allowed in Milwaukee (where we're moving) and we found them new homes last week.

clare's craftroom said...

Beck I missed your mothering post last week and I am so glad I have now had a chance to read it as it is such a thoughtful loving post , thankyou so much !
Now onto the little prankster ...
my boy did all that stuff (sometimes still does ) I bought him a book on card tricks and a deck of cards he now just gets us with his tricks .

Kate said...

Love the pictures! That one of Sunday at the table had me looking twice to see if it was infact a painting like the first one. I hope you have a really happy week and I'm thrilled to hear about Mr Duck. X

Jennie said...

Yes! Recipe please!
I can't believe how high up Bill got! We have an avid tree climber here too, every lunch time at school - up a tree. We don't have any big enough to climb in our back yard!xx

Little Ted Canvas said...

What a lovely weekend. That tree looks like loads of climbing fun, my big boy would LOVE that!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH I'm sooo Freddie's come to his senses. I've gotten very attached to him and didn't want him to leave, I think he was just playing hard to get. xo

daisy said...

what a wonderful backyard you have for your family (and pets!) to enjoy together. I look forward to some vegie bed updates as this is something I have been going gangbusters with lately myself!

Tanya said...

Tea cups. Winner idea to put the mousse in them, I will use that idea thanks. Oh, burn that pranks book I say!

Lyn said...

Wow what a great post, full of lovely things. I don't think I will be going outside much this week-to cold and rain on the way!

Catherine said...

so many things to say... I really enjoyed reading your last post, and went off to think about it, and forgot to say thankyou - thank you!... please, toblerone mousse recipe, please!... so glad Freddie's got his balance back... laughing at boy pranks - as an all girl family, we gave it a go, but never to the same extent I think... wishing you a lovely week!

Floss said...

Lovely post, Beck - but you mean your prankster didn't try the one with the banana and the pin? You're lucky there, anyway... We had that one last year.

I read your post about mothering too. It's a hard time for us as my mum has died and I've been away from Ben and the boys for almost two weeks now - we only have to wait until Wednesday to be reunited, thank goodness. My sweet eldest son has just started with the anxiety disorder your friend has, and it has been so hard to be away from him knowing that things are stressful for him. But I know that Ben and his other granny have been great for him. But it is one of those mothering moments where you wonder what you've done wrong. Good to read a post which recongnises that perfection is not necessary for good mothering! Thanks, Beck.

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