Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garlic & ducks...

On Monday I drove with Michelle up to Callawadda to check on our garlic crop.  Normally we mulch the garlic in August but unfortunately we didn't get up there before the huge rains that fell all over Victoria. The rain then filled the creek bed (which had been dry as a bone for many years previously) and we were not able then to cross the creek.
 Rain + sunshine = weeds!

Normally I'm a fan of daisies and the kids have been having fun lately making daisy chains, just as we did as children. But when they are en masse & right up snug to our beloved garlic plants,  grrrrr! We voted them our least favourite weed (there were many to choose from!) as they were the hardest to pull out.

We had a fair bit to do before mulching so we started just after sunrise. It's a beautiful feeling being out in the field, a sweet breeze blowing & birds flying high above. As Michelle always says, "it beats being in an office!"

 Despite all that annoying weed the garlic is growing well, although as you can see the ground is quite dry.

 We finished just before a huge storm that then dumped 11 ml's of lovely water onto that parched ground. Hopefully more rain will come so our garlic can grow big, and fat, and juicy! 

We managed to get most of the work done and have a good old chat too, of course.

Time to say goodbye to Terry, who was busy shearing rams, & Sally, above. We packed up and left for our two hour drive home but didn't quite make it back for school pick up. Thank goodness for my mum who picked up the kids and took them to the ice cream parlour, lucky kids! Thanks mum x

Today I'm in recovery mode as I managed to hurt my back earlier in the week and made it worse yesterday! Sitting here with a hot water bottle trying to get better so I can get through the week and also enjoy a wedding we are going to in Shepparton on Saturday. 

   Zsa Zsa


I'm also thinking about our new duckies and how much fun they had in the rain yesterday! I love the way Venus still has some fluff on her neck, and the sweet smiles on their faces!  Gee I love ducks.
What are you up to today? Hope you are having a fun one, see you soon xo


Tania Verdez said...

Your garlic looks very happy lovely and so do your new duckies. Can't wait to come visit (hopefully when the sun comes out) and meet them :)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Ohhh the ducks are so bautiful, it is on our list of pets to get... very soon, they are so sweet.

clare's craftroom said...

I hope your back feels better soon , poor thing .

Wendy said...

Oooh, looks like a lot of hard work, Beck! But I'm sure your garlic is well worth it...feel better!

Fippa said...

Hope the back is better Beck, or I will have to call in the acupuncturist. The ducks have very saucy names...I bet baby ducks are in the air. xo

Happydacks said...

Look at that Big Sky in the last photo - wonderful shot.
I hope your back gets better quick - must have been that hard work weeding the lovely garlic.

Copper Patch said...

Loving your ducks Beck and feeling for your poor weed-pulling back. Tea and biccies to help make that hot water bottle work - doctors orders. Ab x

Jemm said...

What a sky! I love your ducks and your garlic looks great. Very healthy looking. I'm glad your're getting some sunny, warmer weather.