Friday, October 29, 2010

Nighty night

It's been a busy week & I've found I haven't been posting as much lately. Funny, isn't it, how you can get caught up in life & blog all the time, or not much at all?  In between making new bunnies, like the one above, I've been helping out at school as we have our fabulous Spring fete on this weekend.

Other things making me smile lately have been simple & sweet like this thrifted lace & flowery pillow case,

and this cheery home made bunting for the Devonshire Tea stall.

A little red birdie for a special girl.. beautiful mum

who had a birthday this week! Happy Birthday Mum! xo

Stay tuned for a post on her house & garden at Hepburn, it looks so lovely at the moment & I"m dying to take some photo's to show you.

Smiley, buzzy, creative Rosie who talks & sings & dances & laughs & would swing all day long if she could.

Here is another bunny, a butterfly girl. She is finished and ready for the Sugar & Spice market in Ballarat on the 28th of November. I do hope can come along & say hello.


..and more who are ready to go. Speaking of which, I'm ready for bed, it's been a long week with not enough sleep! So it's nighty night from me. We're expecting some wild weather this weekend, hopefully not during the fete. Fingers crossed! If you are in Daylesford this weekend, or in the area, do pop in to the St Michaels fete in Smith Street, it will be so much fun! Sleep tight lovelies, see you soon xo


Jemm said...

I love visiting your blog. It always makes me smile :) I love the flowery pillowcase. Can't wait to see your mom's garden. I bet it's beautiful!

hester said...

Beautiful bunny in the butterfly dress! My favourite one so far.

We have our school fete this weekend too and I'll be working on the cake stall. Hope your weather is not too wild!

PS We are Paul Kelly fans too and I bought the new book for Scott's birthday. Can't wait to read it.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh Beck that sweet butterfly girl bunny is perfect for our little Sadie! Will you have any more just like her? I must get planning on that trip to Ballarat. Have a wonderful weekend!

crzylady said...

happy bday to your always colorful mum :) and the bunnies look quite ready for snugglies! glad to hear you are keeping busy with good things!

sandra said...

love all the new bunnies. Good luck with the fete, I hope the weather holds for you.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to your mum! I cant wait to see how beautiful her garden is. I hope the weather holds off for the fete too. The bunny in the bed looks too cute with her teddy!

koralee said...

Just found your sweet blog...I am in love with those bunnies...they made me smile with delight..Happy Birthday to your sweet MOM! xoxo

Kate said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous Mum!
I hope you have a successful fete tomorrow and we'll hopefully see you there (and tomorrow afternoon).

Flotsam Friends said...

Life is like that... Sometimes I seem to have too many ideas for posts and then I have none!! I adore your bunnies... I too love the butterfly dress. Hope you had a lovely time at the fair and Happy Birthday to your lovely Mum. Pruxxx P.S. I'd love to visit Daylesford one day!