Friday, June 12, 2009

In a spin

Bill is practising night and day for the upcoming Circus Show!!

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic circus group in our little town where the kids learn all kinds of circus skills. Bill is particularly taken with plate spinning..

it's harder than it looks!

Meanwhile, still in the kitchen, Charlotte has been enjoying her beautiful, personalised apron made by the fabulous Curly Pops!! Here she is looking adorable.

Since the wonderful Daylesford Maker's Market I have been lying low..trying to catch up on things around the house (not much luck there), planning a bit for the short term future (slow progress) and generally TRYING TO KEEP WARM!!!! It has been literally FREEZING here and I'm blaming the cold for just about anything that is not working for me at the moment (brain inclluded).

As it's been so chilly I have taken to holing up in my (recently rat-free) room at night, reading, crocheting and playing on my laptop. Sunday's old teddy, Hole Ted, keeps me company. Let me tell you a little about her...

Teddy is really one of the family. When Sunday was a baby we gave her this orginal teddy, now known as Hole Ted, and also bought a spare, just in case. (This was a good plan as Teddy became a big part of Sunday's life, she has cuddled, snuggled, and loved both teddy's until their fur has just about worn off.) Having a spare also meant that once Ted #1 was near retirement age then new Teddy could step in. Which is exactly where she is right & warm in the arms of her beloved.

I have a bit of thing for favourite toys, especially old ones, they give so much good love.
Do you have a special someone in your life?

After a good, relaxing spot of cosiness, curled up on my grandmother's old and well loved chair it's been into bed early to keep warm and have a good old read of our latest bookclub book, (my namesake) Rebecca. It's such a great story, have you read it? When I was little my best friend's mum would always greet me with the first line in the book, "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

So that's where I'm at this week. In a bit of a spin, trying to keep warm and often snuggled up like a bug in a rug. Hope you are warm and comfy & getting some good love x


Tania said...

Hole Ted is my new hero. He'd get on well with Hester, beloved bunny of the eldest. Hole Ted gives me hope that Hester may make it through a few more years yet, even though half of her insides are on the outside and there isn't anything to actually attach mending stitches to. I thought I was so clever purchasing a second rabbit (known as Imposter Bunny) but to no avail. Apparently the appeal is all about the smell. Ew.

Hope it's an unwindy weekend for you all (and I'm not talking about a breeze).

daylesford organics said...

I LOVE Charlotte's apron!

I have tried my hardest to get my girls to have a special teddy that they snuggle for cumfort and sleep but to no avail. They chop and change even giving my purple dressed teddy and Bren's owl a bit of a go
I am so pleased for you that you are mouse free.
I hope you have a great weekend.


CurlyPops said...

How cute is Hole Ted? It's so sweet when a teddy becomes such a special part of the family.
Charlottes apron looks fab! I hope she can whip up some yummy treats... maybe something warming today.

Floss said...

A spare, identical toy is such a good idea! We tried to get second indentical toys for our boys a year or so after the toys were adopted as 'dou-dous' (as the French would say). But the fickle shops had changed their designs and the new versions were never acceptable to either boy. At nearly 12, Son 1 is a bit less attatched to Donkey Blue, but at 10 and a half, Tigger is still very important to Son 2...

I THINK I managed not to say 'Ahoy' to anyone on my charity shopping treasure hunt today, but with all the piratey comments it may have been a close thing...

beccasauras said...

I feel the same about Rebecca, also my name! Maybe having such a fantastic book with your name in it makes for a lifelong addiction?

Anonymous said...