Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A new bunny for Pharoah

Lucy's friend has a new baby brother so I decided to make him a Welcome Bunny. I've been working on a baby-friendly rabbit without buttons, plastic eyes, ribbons or too many fancy bits! Someone sweet to snuggle up with, a super soft & cuddly baby bunny...



I think this first attempt is cute - but I may tweak it a little - perhaps this one's eyes are a bit too far apart? I think his little feet are a funny shape too..but maybe thats ok. I like his pretty vintage fabric ears. The alpaca wool offcuts are perfect for making children's toys.
This little girl also made an appearance this week.
Gee it's good to be sewing again!

The sky was a dreamy grey/blue yesterday... can you feel autumn in the air? Lovely cool nights and yes, the hot water bottle is back in action! Are you having a good week? Hope so, x


Leanne said...

Your bunnies are just too gorgeous!

Amber said...

I agree the bunnies are great. Oh and i am loving the feeling in the air and Autumn on our doorstep..it is lovely...xx

Doily said...

Its wonderful to see you making again! baby bunny is just super lovely, clearly the new season has shooken-ded up your creative juices! More More More! You are top of the 'Must Have' list for our next makers Market... I can't wait to see the 'bunny home' you rustle up at your next stall.
oohh, my word verification is 'mingy'... great word.

Jemm said...

LOVE your bunny! If you look in the "embroidery" label at my blog you can see one I made a while back. Yours looks much nicer though :) We're finally warming up for spring here. I'm glad you're getting some relief from the heat now.

Tinniegirl said...

Your bunnies are so adorable. I'm so glad I've discovered them.

Jemm said...

I forgot to mention that I'm reading "The People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks right now. It is very interesting and different; uniquely written. I found Ian McEwan's book, "On Chesil Beach", to be very sad. Good, but sad. It's a pretty quick read. Not too long.