Thursday, March 5, 2009

After the fires...

...there has been rain, rain, & more rain. After a crazy week of fire and wind, smoke and stress we have been blessed with rain. Wow! Hopefully it will put out some of the still smouldering fires in the area. I was talking to some parents at school today who are still unable to go home because of dangerous trees on their property. They have been living in a B & B, eating takeaway food and waiting for the 'all clear'. Very unsettling.

Today at school assembly we were asked to write down a prayer that related to the fires & the first thing I thought was of the courage of the firefighters. They did an amazing job saving people and property. Other people in the community also spent many hours helping - organising somewhere for people to sleep, looking after injured animals, making countless cups of tea, comforting children. Many people have shared their homes, been a shoulder to cry on - to people who they may not even know. Hard times can bring out the best in people and for this I am thankful.

The wild winds that were predicted weren't as bad as forecast but they were still strong and managed to rip the top off one of our trees.

It's been interesting hearing people debrief about the fires..this is a good thing as it's been hard on everyone. There are alot of tired looking people around town and I'm finding it harder to think clearly. It's been a crappy week - and I also have a lingering cold that keeps me awake at fun. So this is a short post in anticipation of a more interesting and hopefully upbeat one next time!

Before I go please meet the newest addition to our family...the adorable Patch! She was given to us by friends from school..isn't she cute?

Hope you are all happy & well, wherever you are. See you soon, x


Jemm said...

Cute bunny!! So glad you all are alright. Wonderful news :) Rest up.

Bernadette said...

Isn't the rain and cooler weather just wonderful! Glad to hear the firefighters did such a wonderful job. Having been in Gippsland myself to do some work it is nice to see everyone helping out.