Friday, March 27, 2009

Friendly, feel good Friday

Meet our newest member of the family...! Our good friend, Trish, kindly gave us this funny, fluffy mum who is sitting on two eggs. I haven't seen her move off the nest so I hope she is keeping herself hydrated and fed! We haven't given her a name yet..any ideas? She looks a little grumpy but maybe she is just reserved and dignified, and busy with her own stuff. Sometimes people can be that way too. They can look a bit grumpy and stand offish but really they are shy...or uncomfortable. Do you know anyone like that? It's not that hard to be kind and think the best of people is it? Most people are good people. I'm not sure where this little rave came from...maybe I've been thinking about how everyone is different and how we can easily jump to the wrong conclusions about one another, me included. We are all vulnerable at times and we all go through good and bad patches don't we? I am making it my mission to be kind, to not judge others and to enjoy and build good friendships.

Another item on my life agenda is laughter! Even at the football last night when our beloved Tigers were getting THRASHED by the Blues we all managed to have a lot of laughs. A very hairy gentleman in front of us, who kept revealing a little too much plumbers cleavage whenever he stood up, generated a lot of giggles. (Very goodhearted and kind giggling of course!)

We got back home from the game very late so today I am just mooching around in my pj's, I even went back to bed after dropping all the kids off. This is a Rare Event. Usually I am hustling around doing a million things and organising, cleaning, making etc. Today I am Taking It Easy.

I had a potter in the garden earlier...

Lovely apples that are just about ripe..

...pretty quinces..

...and a quick hello to Patch who is always hungry and would like a fresh supply of green grass right now if you don't mind.

Speaking of rabbits I think I'll try to finish this new little bunny today. She needs a little frock and a cardi to keep her snug, and of course a nose!

The sun is shining and I'm feeling good. Woo hoo! A fun, family weekend to look forward to. A couple of makers markets to go to - I can hardly wait! If you are in Daylesford you should definitely pop by and have a look at the wonderful Daylesford Maker's Market. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's lovely bits & supporting & celebrating all things hand made. What are you up to on the weekend? x


Jemm said...

I love your animals! I wish I could just pop over for a visit. Was it you that was asking me about what I was reading now?? Anyway, I'm just about finished with "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks. I just sort of realized that she is an Australian author! It was a great book and fun to read.

Stop by my blog to pick up a couple of awards. If you don't do awards, my feelings will not be hurt :)

susieqiloveyou said...

sounds like a lovely day. I always love the days I can potter around in my jammies. Can't wait for the Daylesford market especially as it is said to be a sunny day. Fingers crossed! Hope to catch up then x

Jemm said...

You could name her Cruella (from Disney's 101 Dalamatians). She does look a bit grumpy. Or how about Sunshine, sort of reverse psychology for her :)

Leanne said...

Oh a new fluffy Mama chicken!
What great thoughts on kindness too. I agree.
Delicious looking apples and quinces...I wonder what you will do with them?

Amber said...

Oh life looks so rich and beautiful there.
I love your new chookie she is lovely. Sweet post..xx

PaisleyJade said...

Very cute bunny!!

Bek said...

That bunny is adorable! She looks so cosy and sweet.