Friday, March 20, 2009

Celebrating every day...

The weather lately is really worth celebrating! Yesterday was so lovely that after we fed the chookies Rosie & I set off for Blackwood to visit the wonderful Garden of St Erth. On the way we managed to pop into the Trentham Op Shop for a bit of a sticky beak. Rosie emerged with a magic wand and a talking pony! Yay! I found some nice little lace & linen bits that I am planning to turn into a quilt.

St Erth was looking beautiful - it's such an inspiring place to go. We wandered along the lovely shady pathways with birdsong all around us. They have an amazing array of plants and a very impressive apple orchard.

Inside their shop was a display of apples that looked so applealing (ha!) that I had to take a photo.

Daisy & Rosie had a play before we left - they have a lot of fun together. It was just glorious driving through the country with the sky so blue and the air so sweet. Nice to see some different sights and l love looking a the little cottages and farms along the way. We had a mad kind of lunch in a cafe in Blackwood, on a deck over looking the forest. On the way out I spotted this sign which made me think of Mark who is the Condiment King!

So it's Friday and the end of another week. Just had tea with Kate which was great - it's always good to catch up with her and have a good old chat. Such alot has been happening in the last little while and it was good to see her & hear her news.

Tomorrow Mark & I are off to the city to have a night away! Wow!! First time in .... 10 years. Amazing. Twelve years ago we met and ten years ago, tomorrow, we were married in the Edinburgh Gardens. It was such a happy day. Makes me think of.. a warm rainy day, umbrella's over fancy hair, Charlotte in her little white dress & shiny black shoes and white roses in her hair, my pretty red dress, friends, family - Mark, Charlotte & I becoming a family. In ten years so much has happened. We had four more children in 6 years (wow), lived in three houses, we went to America, Mark's parents sadly both passed away, we celebrated a million birthdays, changed a trillion nappies and made the big move to Daylesford. Now we're happily settled into this community & it's great to have our kids growing up with their friends in a beautiful part of the world. Charlotte has grown up into such a fantastic person which makes me so happy & proud. As for me and Mark well we've had a lot of laughs, loving and good times along the way. We've also had our ups and downs but we've hung in there together through it all. So it's lovely to be heading off for some quiet time together - just us. Hope your weekend is fun too x

this is us in 1997!


Bairbre Aine said...

Happy Anniversary!
I just stumbled upon your blog, and must say, what a joy to read.
Happy to meet you, here in the blogshere.
The table filled with apples looks so wonderful.
Can't imagine a cuter photo!
What a wee darling your daughter is too.
And the cute sewing you do.
What a joy indeed (your blog). I shall pop back from time to time.
Happy weekend as well.
Bairbre Aine

Jemm said...

What great photo of the 2 of you. Have a SUPER trip. You deserve it after 10 years!!!

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so envious - a trip away to the big smoke for your anniversary, but a visit to St Erth - oh I'd love to go there, how inspiring!

char said...

is that not the sweetest blog you have ever posted?! rosie is so cute! such a nut... missing you xx