Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mental Mama & the Great Outdoors

A quick post this week as things are pretty hectic & I'm struggling to have even one clear thought! What with end of school stuff, parties, present purchasing, reports, children to organise, hats to find, bums to wipe, lists to write, food to make, cards to send, tempers to soothe it's no wonder I'm frazzled. Did I mention exciting housework? I keep feeling like I've forgotton something...yesterday I almost drove off from school pickup without one of the kids! It really is a mental time of year. I was so determined not to get stressed but here I am .... feeling stressed! I guess it's kind of funny really. Ahhh! Anyway, breath, I tell myself, breath, it will all be ok.

Part of my de-stressment program (it's very official) has been getting out and about with the dogs. I absolutely LOVE going down to the lake area and being surrounded by big trees, birds, clean country air and of course the gorgeous lake views. It is so calming.

Watching the dogs have a swim and then run off their pent up doggie energy is good too.

We live in such a beautiful area and one thing I would definitly like to do next year is to explore more of the Central Highlands & take more photo's. Somehow I think the dogs might like that project too!
Newsflash! We just had a call from our local paper, The Advocate, to say that Lucy has won the Write a letter to Santa competition! Wow! She is so excited. It's particularly good too as she really tried hard to write a great letter and perservered even when she had some trouble with it. Her letter also shows her kind nature as she didn't ask for much for herself, more for other people. I am a so happy for her.

Well Christmas is almost upon us and I hope that everyone (including me) finds some peace, (remember to breath!), joy in the small things and most of all good times and love with family & friends. x


Mc Cranky! said...

I'm so envious. I really would love to live in the country. At the moment I have to make do with regular trips in the car.

Michelle said...

Where you walk looks so lovely - walks are so good to help you keep sane.

Hope your family has a Christmas full of joy and peace. Thank you for your lovely comments during the year.


Alice Band said...

Beck - What a beautiful place. Maybe I'll see it one day. Have a lovely Christmas x

Sally said...


I saw your comment on AB's Christmas blog, and realised that you must live in Australia.

How amazing to spend Christmas in the sun!