Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy market day! part one...

Wow! Yesterday's first Daylesford Maker's Market was so much fun...lots of lovely things to look at, friendly people, sunshine, wind, music, kids and colour. The Dandelion bunnies had a fabulous time too and enjoyed meeting new friends and having cuddles. My friend Phillipa had some of her beautiful Daylesford bags on my stall and people also seemed to love Barbara's felt animals, they are so sweet. My mum, who knits the lovely cardigan's and clothes for Dandelion came along and helped in so many ways as did dear Charlotte, aren't I lucky?

Steph from Doilly was jumping up and down with excitement and her stall looked fantastic.

Sunday had fun playing with her friends and getting her face painted.

Lark's stall looked beautiful and Allison said it was one of the most busy market stall's she has had. Isn't her Lark patchwork sign gorgeous?

Matilda fell in love with Sooty. Has Sooty eaten up that carrot yet Matilda?

A highlight of the day was having a visit from my dad, Muzz & his lovely offsider, Margaret. Thanks for coming Muzz!

I thought the market was a great success and that Kate, Allison and Steph did a fantastic job organising it. A great big thanks to them - as with any event there is always alot of work behind the scenes that often doesn't get noticed. I hope there will be more market's in the future, it's a great way to see what other people make and to support other artist/designers/friends. I had so much fun and was buzzing all day until I fell, exhausted, into bed. Phew! x
part 2 to follow soon...

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