Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy market day! part two...

Boy bunnies hanging out.
Busy, busy!
Is Pepper the most beautiful baby in the world? So smoochable!

Do you like Daisy the bunny in her bed? It was cold at the market in the early morning & I really wanted to hop in bed with her and snuggle up.

One of the best things was catching up with friends and people we love.

It was such a busy weekend...what with Lucy's guide camp, the Super, Big and Exciting Inside Out dance concert (Sunday's first performance), the chicken pox (Bill) & the market...amazing. Actually I thought the family got through it really well considering we were all either tired/sick/overwhelmed (and some all at once!). Thankfully Mark kept the home fires burning during all the mayhem. In the middle of it all I managed to dart into Ballarat to bid farewell to my brother, Ben, who was off on the Great Victorian Bike Ride. I made him a little Richmond bunny to tie to the front of his bike.

Hope you have a great week, thanks for popping by x


Amber said...

Wow what a busy time. I love your bunnies. They look great. The market looked like lots of fun. ..xx

Kitschen Pink said...

Did you manage to sell Pepper the beautiful baby? If not post her over to me!!
Stall looks great! Love the banner and all the bunnies!
Beck's Lasagne for tea again tonight! Mmmmm yum!

Anne said...

Stall looks great.
Looks like it was a nice day. :)