Friday, December 5, 2008

Lavender, birthdays & random hugs

On Tuesday I popped out to the local lavender farm to catch up with some lovely friends for lunch and a bit of peace amongst all the end of year/pre Christmas craziness. It is such a nice place to visit & how fun is it to be with good friends and have a chat & a laugh? A little willy wagtail kept darting past and the resident doggie cuddled up on the bench next to Sam. It is so green and beautiful & there are photo opportunities aplenty!

Lovely Michelle

Phippala & Sam in the flowerbed

Lots of goodies in the shop

Other exciting events of the week have been, Billy's 7th birthday - yay!! He has recovered well from the dreaded chicken pops and enjoyed tucking in to his cake and pressies. The birthday preparations began in earnest earlier in the day with the girls making cards and presents for their brother.

"can I lick the bowl??!!".

I think he was pretty happy with the end result.

So, another busy week has flown by - Number Four finished up her school transition program and had a hoot of a day. Boy is she ready for school! The kids are enjoying all the Christmas hoo- hah. Charlotte put up The Tree yesterday and it's looking fabulous & festive.

Before I go I have to tell you a quick Happy Christmas story - yesterday I received a great big hug from a sweet lady who was pushing her mum in a wheelchair through the crowd at Big W. She stopped to let us through and as I smiled & thanked her she threw her arms around me and said "Merry Christmas & God Bless you darling". What a gorgeous woman she was and her mum was too. I could feel myself starting to cry (doesn't take much anyway) at the simple beauty of that random hug. Honestly, it's people like her who make Christmas what it should be - about love, kindness, togetherness and joy.

Off to the Big Smoke with L & S tomorrow, should be fun! Have a lovely, shiny, happy weekend, x


Mc Cranky! said...

i do love lavandula, it is so lovely and peaceful. i can;t wait to visit again soon.

h&b said...

What a great post. Love the random acts of kindness from strangers .. and love lavnedula ( ahh ! )


Alice Band said...

Ahhh, I'm a weeping mess! My lovely Pip is in your pictures and Matilda!! It looks truly fab where you are. Please, please, plesase can I have two rabbits? How much are they? How can I get the money to you? Pay pal?
Please send Pip all my love in the world and tell her I am seriously considering the wasted women's walking tour...
]Lovely to meet you Beck x