Monday, December 29, 2008

Ho, ho, ho...Merry Christmas!

Our local fruit shop, Tonna's, had a dancing Santa outside again this year. Apparantly he enthralled some children and terrified others! Rosie was definitely under his spell and went back several times to dance with him. "Can I cuddle Santa??"

On Christmas Eve we met some lovely friends up at our local Botanic Gardens, high up on Wombat Hill.

Gee it was blissful up there, the kids played in the trees, we chatted and had a wonderful time. Rosie danced in the light of the setting sun and a good time was had by all. I could do that every year.
On Christmas day we had a lovely, relaxing lunch outside in our garden, under a blue, blue sky - with just a hint of summer breeze.

Mum came & spent the day with us too which made the day even better. Our neighbours, Fiona & Toma, also joined us for lots of delicious food and drink. I don't normally eat that much on Chrismas day but I really went to town this year and loved every mouthful. Bit of a pigsie really.

The kids had so much fun and loved all the festivities. This is Sunday with her new doll, Emily.

We are off in the morning to the beach for 10 days of fun (?) yes I love packing up the car, driving for three hours & then unpacking! Also love the settling in period where children don't sleep properly and are eaten alive by mosquito's. Fun. Oh and the kids waking up early and making heaps of noise part is good too. No...seriously it will be good to have a break from normal life and get to settle arguments & practice good parenting in a different location!!!! Do I sound a bit jaded? A bit over it? Not me....I love the holidays! x

ps I'm only whinging because I'm tired, just ignore me... I'm a grumpy bum tonight x

Newsflash! Mark & I went to our friends dress up party on Saturday night - they are leaving for Japan in a few weeks & the theme was Japanese. Do you think we look like John & Yoko? We had a lot of fun...what a party!!


Kitschen Pink said...

Happy New Year! t.xx

susieqiloveyou said...

Happy New year. Hope you have a great relaxing fun filled trip away.

Thanks for you blog comment. Yes i was at the Daylesford Makers Market. It was such a great day as I so much fun and nice chats with everyone :)

Sally said...

Definitely like John and Yoko! How lovely to see how Australian Christmas works!

h&b said...

Sounds divine !

Hope you are having a fab 2009 so far, and I think the John & Yoko idea was inspired !

LiliPili said...

Hi Beck, you may remember me from the makers market....just started this blog thing very hip...he he he, Hope to see you at the next market. x