Monday, July 16, 2012

Lucky last

On our last day in San Francisco we decided to take a tour of this magnificent city,
so we hopped on one of the red double decker buses & off we went.

Come with us now as we wind our way through the streets of San Francisco, I hope you are wearing something warm as it's pretty windy up on top of the bus!

We passed many amazing buildings, like the San Francisco City Hall.

 There were a lot of large murals everywhere,  often with thought provoking messages. 

I loved this incredible mosaic.

The houses are so gorgeous aren't they? 

We passed a few famous houses but unfortunately I didn't manage to get any shots of them. The house from the movie Mrs Doubtfire was one of them. I love that movie!

We cruised through Haight Ashbury which was a blast. I had an unfortunate/hilarious public toilet incident there but I'm not sure I want to share it with the world. Close friends..maybe.. :)

Soon it was time to cross over the Golden Gate Bridge!! Ahhh!!

This beautiful and elegant bridge is celebrating her 75th birthday this year. Wow! Did you know that..

                      ... about forty one million vehicles travel over the Golden Gate bridge every year,

                                  that the bridge is painted a colour called International Orange,

and it's the Pacific Ocean that lies underneath?  Check out the landscape on the ocean side. Pretty awe-inspiring. Can you feel the wind? Woooshh!

We headed back into the city..

where we heard some interesting facts about the 1906 earthquake. The earthquake only lasted a few seconds but the repercussions were immense. The huge fires that followed the earthquake destroyed over 25,000 buildings across 490 city blocks.

                                                             This little church survived.

Hustle and bustle! I loved these vintage street cars. All so beautifully made and maintained. There is a large collection of them from other cities in the US and they run daily up and down Market St. Pretty cool!

For those of you who have been following our travels in America, thank you for coming along for the ride. I've really enjoyed sharing some of our experience with you.

For me the highlight of our trip was seeing family. It was such a thrill to be with Mark's sister and her husband and kids, and to finally meet Mark's brother. I hope we get to have lots more time with them. The hardest part was saying goodbye.

I still have a kazillion photo's but all good things must come to an end so I shall finish up today.
Back at home we are settling in after a shaky start..more on that later.

Are you planning any travels of your own? We are already planning our next trip..hopefully for six months or so in the US, in 2014.  I can't wait to get back, I had the BEST time, I'm so glad we went. 
Travel is so addictive isn't it? Half the fun is in the planning and wishing and the dreaming.
 Happy dreaming lovely ones xo


mel @ loved handmade said...

Beck I have been following your travel adventure and it's been wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope things weren't too shaky on your return?? Welcome back!! X

Kate said...

Oh how did I not know you had been blogging this whole adventure? I'm going to sit down and read them all tonight. Yay! I look forward to it. Especially the SF posts because that's been Abby's home for the past 5 years.
And yes, travel is addictive for sure. We are currently planning an OS trip for next year and another caravan adventure for the year after.
Let's have a coffee soon.
And warmest welcome home. I've missed you. xx

jennie said...

Beck - you guys look like you've had the best of times. SF looks SO beautiful - I've never been there. Only New York, LA and a few other places when I was a nanny too. What a wonderful experience for the children - love all your photos - gorgeous!!!XX

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm from the States and have never been to CA. Nice to see San Francisco through someone else's eyes. I love murals and mosaics. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable trip. Best wishes, Tammy

Julie said...

So many wonderful sights to see - thank you for sharing. :)

Tania Verdez said...

Oh so wonderful Beck- I've gotta say I'm very jealous!
I look forward to a cuppa with ya lovely.

Manda said...

I've really loved all your photos and stories Beck...what a great adventure! x