Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking forward, looking back

On Wednesday the girls and I decided to take the ferry to Sausalito. I had heard about this little town across the bay and I was keen to visit. 

We waited for the ferry and chatted to some lovely people whose daughter had recently been studying in Sydney. We also met another couple from Geelong who were travelling all around America. One of the highlight of our own trip was meeting so many great people.  (I ran into another woman from Bendigo who was buying a kettle so she could have a decent cup of tea! Seriously, American's  don't get tea.)

There was  a big crowd heading to Angel Island. Wonder what that's like? Maybe we'll go there next time.

We started off outside but half way across the bay it was way too windy and we had to head inside. Not before demolishing some pretty amazing donuts. Americans might not get tea but BOY do they get donuts!

I kind of regretted wearing a dress in the end. There was an awkward moment when I stood up to take some photo's and discovered my dress flying up around my shoulders. Oops.


 Bye bye city.

Hello Sausalito!

We were welcomed by this guy. He didn't say much. 

Here's an interesting fact, Otis Redding wrote his famous song, "Dock of the Bay' while staying on a houseboat at Sausalito in 1967. Wow!

Check this pair out. I've never seen a more laid back dachshund. Love her sunnies.

 Her name was Diamond. We saw so many adorable dogs in San Francisco. Some in prams (?), and many in outfits. Too cute!

We had fun running around this gorgeous, windy little town. Pizza at Giovanni's, some shopping and sightseeing. As we lined up for the ferry home so did about a hundred bike riders! Apparently bike tours take people across the Golden Gate Bridge and then they return on the ferry. Maybe one day...

It was a beautiful day. A day to remember.

See you soon lovely ones xo


yardage girl said...

What a lovely little town, and that dog is so cute! Loving how light, sunny and warm looking your pics are .... come on spring!!

objects of whimsy said...

Ive really been enjoying your travel posts thanks so much for going to the trouble of posting them and allowing us to share your wonderful trip. Some of the pics of your girls are priceless you can tell they are having the best of times.

Helen :)

BOB & MABEL said...

This looks like a wonderful adventure, your kiddies will remember this as a very special time.

Pet Stores Melbourne said...

Thank for those beautiful pictures.

Jemm said...

Ha! Looks like you were on the other side of the country at the same we were on our D.C. vacation! I've never been to Saulsilito, but have been to San Francisco. It is the greatest place to visit. So much beauty in so many ways there. It holds a very special place in my heart. So glad you had a good time in the States. You should give us a tutorial on making tea. I admit, I don't have a clue ;)