Sunday, July 1, 2012

Going home

For our kids to know where their dad grew up has been an important part of this trip. For them to experience America, to meet their American family, to play with their cousins, to smell the smells, eat the ice cream, to do and see as much as we's been a dream come true.

Last week we drove to Marks hometown of Fon du lac, Wisconsin. Mark's dad is no longer there and the family home is up for sale, Rae Ellen kindly met us there to look around and spend some time. It was a strange feeling for me as the last time I visited here Lucy was one, Char was eight and I was pregnant with Billy.

It was sad but good to walk through the house, and around the beautiful garden with the soft summer sun shining through the trees.

I'm so glad we came on this big trip. It's been such a good thing for us all. I know it's been hard for Mark at times, I can't even imagine how he feels coming home with his parents both gone. But for our family it's been fantastic, especially connecting with their cousins & aunt & uncles. I know the kids will have some fantastic memories of their time here & I hope we can come back sooner than later.

Families are so special, belonging is so important. I guess that's one thing I have learnt about..going home xo

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Tania said...

So much of the bittersweet, huh? Travel well, excellent family.