Thursday, August 2, 2012


Tonight I'm baking cupcakes and wrapping presents and thinking about the seven years ago when I was just about to have my fifth baby, my last child.

I've been thinking about how sick I was during the pregnancy. How cold it was that year. About being in hospital at 36  weeks with pneumonia, how scared I was for my baby. 

And how thrilled I was that she arrived safely after a tricky labor.

Are there actual words to describe the joy you feel when you are finally holding your baby safe in your arms? I don't think so. But you can see in my eyes the pure happiness and relief. The wonder of birth, it's so truly amazing isn't it?

I really treasured every day with Rosie as a baby, I tried to make the most of every minute, every new stage. I knew she was my last so I wanted to  enjoy it all. My precious one.

Rosie was born in the depths of winter. She likes me to tell her the story of how the heaters broke at the hospital and the nurses had to put eight blankets on us! She likes the way the pink camellia's in our front garden always bloom around her birthday, I do too.

I've been thinking about how Rosie grew from a little baby into a cheeky, funny little girl.

This shot is from my very first blog post ever!

                           Rosie became a ballerina at three. She danced every minute of the day.

I've been thinking tonight how Rosie has brought so much happiness into our lives. Of course there have been times when  it hasn't been easy, when I've felt impatient and tired, but there has never been a dull moment since Rosie arrived. She fills our lives with colour, energy and love.

It was such a big step for both of us when she finished at kinder, a whole new world was beginning.

 It's been so fun looking through photo's, it has reminded me of so many happy and crazy family times we've had. 

It's made me think about who Rosie is, and the things she loves, like animals, science and school. She likes to dance, to play netball, to draw & make things. She wants to be a doctor, a teacher. She likes old houses, ice cream, skipping & looking at the stars. She loves her family, her friends. She is funny, sometimes loud, often thoughtful and always colourful and loving.

 And tomorrow she turns seven! Wow! Rosie has been counting the day, the hours, the minutes.

Today we had some time together, just the two of us. It was lovely to have some time just on our own. When we got back in the car she said "Mum, I'm just so happy".
And I was too.

Happy Birthday, beautiful one, our cart wheeling girl, 
you make everything brighter.

And don't grow up too quickly ok?! xo


mel @ loved handmade said...

Beck this is such a touching post. Your sweet baby girl turning 7, what a joy! Happy Birthday Rosie!! x

Tania said...

If anyone can bring out my sooky la la, it's you! I may have mentioned that once or twice before? Ahem.

Happy birthday dancing, cartwheeling kid! You listen to your Mum on that growing-up bizzo. 'Kay?

Selina said...

What a beautiful post for such a beautiful girl!
Happy Birthday Rosie!!

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Such a lovely post. Really made me smile :)

leah of sang the bird said...

Happy birthday Rosie and happy birthing day to you mama.
This is such a heart felt post. So beautifully written xx

Jenny M said...

Happy birthday Rosie, I hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy those cupcakes!