Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This morning, today

Today I swept the front veranda while I waited for a friend. I watched the shadows on the yellow boards, the pretty patterns of the iron work and the spiky leaves of the yukka plant.

I thought about the pain & beauty of life, today, as I swept and watched the shadows.

I thought about a lovely woman who didn't get to see her son turn 10 last week and of course this made me cry. She has been on my mind lately. I had a birthday recently and this made me think of her, we were born in the same year.  Her beautiful mother gave a few of us pretty scarves today, as a thank you, for caring & helping her daughter's family. A gift of love from her to us, from us to her.

I felt pretty emotional this morning, today. I can see the pockets of sunshine and these lift me from the sad moments. I loved looking at Lucy's curly hair, after she rolled her wet hair in socks last night. I loved the random cuddle I got from a preppie at school this morning, one of the perks of working in the Prep room.

I felt a happy, smiley feeling when I hugged my Mark today before he left, knowing I was his, and he was mine. Although it was a cold morning, and windy too, I enjoyed watching our pets in the front yard, pecking and nibbling, saying hello to the day.  The clouds blew high in the sky & the world looked beautiful and pure and alive.

There's a lot going on here at the moment, as we prepare for our big trip to America. I'm a bit jittery, a bit excited, and a bit twitchy. I can't wait to get going but there's a lot to do first. Do you get like that when you are going away?

It's so important for us to take this big leap...to fly off into the sky. Families are so special and I can't wait to see our kids with their cousins, and aunt & uncle. To spend some time with the ones we love but don't get to see much, how beautiful it will be.

So today I've been thinking about how life is short but love is long. How we can't change things but we can make the most of each day, each person, every minute together. So every time I get a bit anxious about our trip I'm reminding myself of this. Reminding myself that it's a gift to our children, to ourselves, to our family. We'll be making memories that will last forever..and forever never ends.

How are things in your world today? Hope you are having a happy, smily day, see you soon lovely one's xo


teddybearswednesday said...

Beck that is the most beautiful thing you said and so true , life is short but love is long. And I agree with that and all you said after it.
I think you're a bit like me re trip, i tend to get a bit anxious leading up to big things more than when i'm actually there or doing the thing I've been worried about. It'll be wonderful, and sometimes challenging , there'll be lots of great moments and some not so great.
and it will bring stuff you dont' even expect too, and often that's the best bit. And it'll be bonding and great sharing experience with you family .
big love xo

Maxabella said...

Such sadness to go with such beautiful light, Beck. x

Tania said...

Look! You're SCALES are smiling at you! Now there's another reminder, when the sun isn't shining quite so clear and everything is a bit blustery.

There's so much bittersweet in that post, Beck. And all the important stuff lined up in perfect order.

flowerpress said...

I'm like you - stressed when I'm about to travel, but then loving it when I'm away.
Some of my favourite memories are travelling with my gang, and I can still have laugh for hours with my brother and sister remembering adventures we had when we were young!
Happy Birthday lovely Beck, I hope you have a lovely time away, and I'll be waving at you as you fly past :-)

Faeryfay said...

Beautiful shadows!

MardI Sommerfeld said...

Loved reading this today Beck - I almost cried. Beautiful sentiments. xx mard

Michelle said...

Dear Beck,
You are a truly beautiful person.So gentle and thoughtful.You inspire me to be a better person.A couple of years ago i bought my two grandaughters one of your gorgeous bunnies each,they still pop them onto their beds every morning.. so pretty! Thankyou fo this beautiful post : )

Jenny M said...

Beautiful & caring words. And yes I get excited & stressed before a big trip, as it takes us out of our comfort zone, but sometimes that's a good thing.

Manda said...

A big hug for you Beck.. they are wise , heartfelt words x o .....and I hope you have a really wonderful trip...thats a big one to get ready for...have heaps of fun and come back safely with lots of great stories....i'm excited for you ...and slightly envious ;-) x x