Friday, June 22, 2012


On Tuesday we drove up the highway, past Hudson & over the St Croix river to visit Marks sister & her family. They live just out of a little town in a sweet white house surrounded by corn fields. As we drove down their road we saw a massive bald eagle sitting in a field. Huge!

We had the best day ever, it was so good to see Jen & Steven and finally all be together. The kids played and played & we relaxed under the trees.

 I just love their place, it's so beautiful. They have a fantastic old barn, a silo and across the road is an endless prairie. A river also runs down the back, I hope we get to see it too before we go.

The best thing about our visit was just being together. It was such a long trip to get here but SO worth it to be with this beautiful family. To see our kids hanging out with their cousins so happily and naturally brought tears to my eyes. For some families this can happen regularly but for us it's not that easy as we are all so far away. And boy cousins too! 

Great for Bill who is surrounded by girls (lucky him) back at home. Anyway, it's made me want to come back more regularly so the kids can see each other grow up, so that we can all have time together as families should.

Today two good friends of mine are flying off to see their own families, right across the other side of the world. I hope they travel safely and enjoy some precious family time like we are.

It's Thursday morning and time for breakfast, better get up and into the day! Hope yours is a happy one, see you soon xo

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Manda said...

hi Beck
Ive been loving all your photos over on instagram....but its nice to hear some of the stories that go with them. so happy you are having a great time. i wish i had dorothys red shoes too :-) x x