Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Friday we headed to the airport to begin our journey to America. Rosie, Charlotte, Sunday & I flew to Sydney where we then took another plane to San Francisco. Bill, Mark & Lucy flew the day before. It was hard saying goodbye but definitely easier on all of us to travel in two groups.

Random things that happened en route:
•. Rosie was tagged to have her bag checked at each check point as well as being frisked and scanned.
• We met a cute dachshund called Boris who was flying in a little carry bag from SF to Minneapolis with his family. He was so adorable!
• Rosie pulled her wobbly tooth out on the plane!
• we saw snow capped mountains out the window
• we realized how FAR away Australia is from America!

Boy was I glad to touch down in San Francisco! We had a night there before flying to Minneapolis the next day. It was so good to be met by the others, happiness!!!

Now we are settled in our little blue and white house in a beautiful area of St Paul. It's so lush and green and HOT! The humidity is intense and a bit hard to adjust to, but better than being cold :) We are surrounded by lots of gorgeous houses, trees and amazing shops.

Time to go now but I will be back soon with more news and photos. Hope all is well in your world, bye for now xo

Ps blogging from my iPad, hope it works! x


Amanda said...

Boris!!! How divine. We have a sausage dog called Woody. I don't know how he would go travelling in a carry bag though. Enjoy the trip............amanda

jennie said...

Great post Beck! Hope you guys have a fabulous time!!XX

Maxabella said...

Brilliant! Such fun, Beck. I hope you soak up every second.


mel @ loved handmade said...

Just SOOOO exciting!! Have fun lady..xx

Jenny M said...

See, you made it safe & sound. Enjoy every day making wonderful memories to share in the years ahead.

Alethea Yoris said...

hi Beck, are you still on America? wow, that was fabulous..
honestly, i have never go to america, cause I'm stay in Indonesia. and it does really far for my country~
btw,hope you guys have a great trip! :)

Miss Prudence said...

Have a wonderful adventure!