Monday, June 25, 2012

Out and about

This week we visited the amazing Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis. The kids were a bit unimpressed when we suggested going but they all loved it! We all were so inspired by this fabulous gallery and sculpture garden. It was funny to be in a gallery with the same name as our family (except they missed the Johansson bit..!)

Oh, and we got to wear little Walker badges...!

 There was a lot to look at, I wouldn't mind going again. And don't even start me on their shop..oh boy. This post is short because I'm using my iPad and it's not letting me upload photos as I normally do. So I guess I'll do two short posts instead.

That's all from me tonight, hope all is good with you lovely ones. See you soon xo


Gert88 said...

Lovely shot of Char and great to see everyone enjoying an art experience. Xx

Maxabella said...

A wonderful experience. x

sweet emmelie said...

love all the photo's