Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting ready...

This week is kind of crazy as we are all getting ready for our family trip to America. But in amongst the packing, planning, list ticking etc I managed to sneak out to do a spot of yarn bombing!

Our little group of bombers braved the cold weather and added some woolly colour to our little town. Have you heard about International Yarn Bombing Day? We hope to get a bit more organised next year and get more people involved. There are lots of cold trees and plain poles out there that could do with some jazzing up.

 I loved the little scarves and bits that Possum made to decorate the Horse & Children statue.

And it was funny watching a certain person standing in the bowl of this lamp post while sewing the sides up on this colourful creation. I didn't get a shot of Tania's pretty doily tree but have a look at her blog, she may have some more shots there.

So what else is happening? Lots, my friends, lots. Who knew there was so much to do before you go away on a family holiday? I guess I should have expected it but boy, I'm kind of exhausted already!

We've been buying backpacks, luggage tags, chewy & books, writing lists about pets, bills, addresses etc, there's been charging camera's, ipods, ipads & DS's, visits to the dentist & haircuts...! Sunday helped Mark shave his head yesterday.. you think his sister will like his new look?

Isn't he sweet?

The funny thing is that when I went to tidy up the back section of his head after a bit of clowning around,

I managed to shave a weird hole like shape in the back of his head..uh oh. Hopefully we'll get it looking a bit better before we go.

Anyway, I hope you will pop in and check out what we are up to every now and then while we are away. When we get back I hope to make a book of our trip using my blog posts. Sound like a good idea? So be prepared for lots of photo's and family action shots and other stuff as we take our gang of seven overseas for the first time. Woo hoo!

Travelling can be stressful so to make life a bit easier for us all we are going in two groups. Mark, Lucy and Bill are leaving today and Char, Sunday,Rosie and myself leave tomorrow.

Between now and then I have a few last minute things to do...take the dogs to the kennel, write the note for Dave who is staying in our house and minding the rest of our pets, vacum, finish packing, charge all devices, recheck passports, clean the bathrooms, buy some chook food and most importantly keep BREATHING! How are things in your world? Are you planning anything exciting?
See you soon my lovely friends xo


teddybearswednesday said...

Have the most wonderful wonderful time dear Beck, will miss you and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
Safe travels xoxo

flowerpress said...

what a sweetie your bloke is. thinking of you and wishing you the best time ever x

Jenny M said...

My husband & I were recently in Warburton and some trees had been yarn bombed. My husband said "what is that on the trees?? He thought it was an odd thing to do, but I loved it, so much lovely colour on a grey winter day. Wishing you a wonderful & safe holiday.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love the yarnbombing! How fabulous it makes your town look and what fun. Have a great trip and don't forget to breathe.... :-)

mel @ loved handmade said...

I'm so excited for you all, what can adventure! It's hard enough work planning a weekend at mum and dads for us all, so I can only imagine an overseas trip! You'll have such a wonderful time, enjoy! How are things in my world..ridiculous!! Will blog about it sometime soon..xx

Floss said...

Fantastic haircut! And love the yarnbombing, too. It seems you're pretty prepared for your grand adventure - I do think that travelling in two groups is a really good idea (and that's even though we're only a family of 4!) Have a wonderful, wonderful time.