Friday, October 28, 2011

beautiful things

This week our school community was lucky enough to go on a fund raising trip to Paul Bangay's amazing garden in Denver, near Glenlyon.  This circular window is typical of the garden, quirky and surprising, clever and ordered.

Did I mention beautiful? Yep, it sure was. Lots of stunning views, spaces, shapes, colours,

and then there was the pool!

This picture doesn't really do the view justice, I really could have stood there all day looking out to the horizon. Although I may have had to also  slip into that cool green water. OMG.

And here are three of us, waiting for champagne... :)
It was a great morning and everyone had a  ball. Lots of chatting on the bus on the way home!

Yesterday was my mum's birthday! I had heaps of fun finding presents for her,
including these cool coasters made from coiled paper.

I found them, along with so many other beautiful things, at the very incredible shop, Junk Style, in Vincent St, Daylesford. If you are a visitor to our little town then do pop up the stairs and have a look. I guarantee you will find something special.

Like this red necklace,

which Mum loved.  

It's so beautiful being out in the garden lately, I just love this time of year. The bees are buzzing,
the blossom is smelling sweet, vegies are planted, chooks are healthy and giving us their gorgeous eggs.  And then there are the ducks..

 two of them, have been sitting on a massive pile of eggs for a few days now. I went in yesterday to discover that their mum is also getting into the act. They're a close family.

So prepare yourselves for many duck shots and much duck talk over the next few weeks. I'm all clucky (or should that be quacky?) I'm so looking forward to the new ducklings hatching!! And possibly a couple of chicks too, oh boy.

 They are so peaceful and beautiful and serene, I do love them so.

One last beautiful thing, a community project, something that is uniting people in the most wonderful way. This weekend there is to be a big party to celebrate the start of a community garden here in Daylesford!! Today I made a little contribution to the celebration, some bunting to decorate this amazing new shared space. Here it is hanging on my front fence, I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I must admit it was fun getting back to some sewing too.

So that's me for today lovely ones. I hope your weekend is a happy one and that you find some truly beautiful things to brighten your days. See you soon xo


Sally said...

WOWZA! That is one stunning garden. What a gorgeous day too. Lucky you :)

jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

what a lovely post....I would sooo love to see Paul Bangay's garden and baby ducks - how cute....and love the bunting too.
Have a lovely weekend ♥Jo

Claire said...

♥ the bunting,
♥ the red necklace
♥ Paul Bangay's garden
So many beautiful pics in one post.
Looks like it was a gorgeous day over there. have a wonderful weekend...........

Claire :}

Jane said...

wow that garden looks stunning! oh for a glass of bubbly there :)

Tania said...

You can duck, duck, duck, all you like, as far as I am concerned. And that is the best excuse for bunting I ever did see...

Jodie said...

Bring on the duck talk - I adore ducks in a way that makes absolutely no sens e to me. Perhaps i was a duck once - no idea. That cosy family with those little whiffly feathers about almost made me cry with happy duckness.

Maria Rose said...

What a treat of great photos!

Selina said...

You always write such lovely posts and add in the most beautiful photos. Gorgeous!

Tammie said...

i love all of these pictures and i love your bunting.

i have some similar coiled paper coasters. a friend got them for me a few years ago and i love them!

mel @ loved said...

That bunting is wonderful! Lots of beautiful things shared here Beck, thanks..x

Kylie said...

Love, love,love it all! Gardens, ducks, community YAY for spring and friends and family

crzylady said...

how wonderful! Yea for sewing and gardening (not that I'm great at either, but I think 'tis love others are ;p) Lots of great finds and I want to crash that op shop!

ZippyZippy said...

So many lovely things in this post!
The Pool, the garden, the bunting, the lights and can't wait to see the ducklings