Monday, October 24, 2011


We just had a really happy weekend! There was lots of sunshine here in Daylesford and so we were outside in the garden, hanging out and having fun.

The weather has been so lovely lately, doesn't it make a difference to how you feel?

Rosie has always been an outside girl, a cubby house girl, an apple tree tent kind of girl!

She's also been a cough and cold girl this week, all the kids have had a nasty bug that has brought on asthma and a million hankies. Not fun! I'm filling them with fruit though and hoping it passes quickly.

Lately I've been really enjoying using the app, instagram,. Are you into it too? I love the different filters and it's so convenient when I don't have my camera. My user name is dandelion66, come and say hi and then I'll visit you and your photo's too!

Did I tell you it was Charlotte's 19th birthday the other day? I went to the city to meet her for a movie (gold class..all to ourselves!) and then pressies and dinner. We gave her a sewing machine and a pretty sewing basket, which she loved. We had such a fun time, I just love to spend time with her. And we got to take photo's in a photo booth, a bit of a tradition with us. We've been doing this since she was a baby. My favourite one above is the bottom right :)

Hey!! Guess what??? Our two young ducks are about to be young mums! Platypus (the chocolate coloured one who we thought was a boy) and Josie and both sitting on about twenty eggs! Wow!

They are so divine. Look at those faces, how could you not have a duck in your life?

They seem to have a share/care arrangement and are taking turns sitting on the eggs. And then sitting together as well. The funny thing is there is at least one chook egg in the nest too! I can't wait to see if some chickies hatch as well. 

I'm going to finish off today with an introduction to a very handsome fellow who I finally got to meet on Friday night. This is George, Charlotte's teddy who was made by the very talented Jess, of Teddy Bear's Wednesday. If you don't know Jess then you should really pop over to her blog and say hi.
She makes the most adorable and ace toys AND she is adorable and ace herself. The ginchiest really.

Anyway lovely people, I better get on with the day.
Sorry if I haven't been round to your place lately, I've just been swamped with so much going on.
But I hope to see you soon,
much love xo

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Pepper who turns 4 today. Woo hoo!!! xoxoxo


teddybearswednesday said...

How exciting about your mummy ducks ( and funny about the chook egg too)
It must be such a special thing to witness.
the weather's been divin and i'm so happy to hear you've had some time with Char as I know how you love doing that.
And thank you for gorgeous little mention here. you're too kind xo

mel @ loved said...

I adore that apple tree tent, I'd have spent days out in that as a little kid, lucky Rosie, I hope she's better nice & quick too. Happy Birthday to you big girl, love your photo booth tradition..x

Squirrelhaus said...

Ducklings on the way, sooooo very exciting. You will have to post them when they arrive so we can all see!
Glad to hear your having wonderful warm weather!!!
The apple tree tent brings back great memories of my childhood!
Have a wonderful week!
Chris :o)

Jennie said...

You two look like sisters in those brilliant photos!! I love the sheet apple tree tent, if we had a tree I know my two would adore one!

(Isn't that Jess so so clever? The character in her bears are AMAZING, absolutely gorgeous!)xxJ

Maxabella said...

It's always lovely to have a Beck update. Can't wait to meet the baby ducks!! x

Naturally Carol said...

Gorgeous tent..I wouldn't mind being a 'camp under the apple tree' girl myself in that one!

flowerpress said...

What a lovely happy sunny post from you :-) Those ducks are so cute, one day i must have indian runners! Those faces make me smile.
Love the photo booth too, you two look like sisters in that bottom one :-)

Sally said...

Oh I love that tent very much. And yes great weather makes all the difference.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to Charlotte! How lovely will all those little ducklings be when they hatch. I think Josie is very pretty. Hope you have some more sunny weather to make you happy. We have had lots of rain this weekend!

jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

Oh what a lovely post....I am new here but a follower now so lots of wonderful posts to come...thank you
♥ Jo

Maria Rose said...

Sweet! I looove ducks too!

Pomona said...

It was great to hear from you - thank you for your lovely comment - and look at that lovely sunshine! If I had an app I would join you, but I am afraid that I am a bit steamdriven still . . .

Pomona x

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Can't decide which is cuter: the after-school tent or the two ducks. So I won't choose. Too cute all round!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Ooh I love the sheet tent Idea, I must do that more often for my girls, It is so HOT in QLD already and our only shady tree is quite bare looking! Love your Duckies... :)