Monday, November 7, 2011

On my mind

Spring: it's is in the air and with it of course, comes new life. On a corner near where we live is this beautiful foal and it's mum. How could I drive past and not stop to say hello? 

Back at home Norman has been feeling frisky. 
Not content with his two lady friends in the back yard,

he has been courting this fancy girl who lives next door. She has been popping over for a visit (and to check out what's on the menu at No.42).  I don't think she knew she was  going to have to deal with a lovestruck Norman. I've been giving him his marching orders..

here he is, trying to act all nonchalant but really he's high tailing it big time.

Spring has brought flowers, roses and blossoms by the bucket load, what a beautiful time of year. My vegie garden is slowly growing, the snow peas are climbing and it's all looking healthy and happy. Today I gave all the plants a little boost of worm farm stew and duck pond poo. Doesn't sound to appetising but the plants are smiling.

Endings:  Firstly the sad news that Footscray's Steiner School is being shut down. Charlotte began at this school when it opened in 2001 and we all have such happy memories of her time there. It's a shame for all the families who have invested so much in this amazing school, I really feel for them. I was also sad today to hear the news that an old neighbour of ours from West Footscray days, Sarah Watt, has passed away. An incredibly talented film maker and just a really great person, what a loss. 

WaitingQuietly and patiently for the eggs to hatch. I'm counting the days now, shouldn't be too much longer.

 Freddy is pacing, like the expectant father that he is. He has cranked up the daily assault on Daisy, who cops a real bashing from him. He continuously pecks at her and chases her around the garden. I guess he is guarding his girls but it can get a bit intense. Lucky Daisy isn't more aggressive or it might be curtains for Fred.

Watching: the girls get ready for their upcoming dance recital. I love Sunday's purple ballet costume,

and Rosie looks so sweet as a pink flower.

Planning: to make a big pile of bed covers out of the mound of vintage sheets I have stacked up in my sewing space. I'm soaking, washing, ironing them all and then the fun begins! I love Rosie and Sunday's quilts so much I've decided to make more for my shop. Yes, my little shop which has been sadly neglected lately. I hope to pop some bunnies in soon too. Oh boy, so many things to do, and never enough time.

Loving: the weather lately, sunny days and the lushness of Spring. 
What's on your mind lately? Hope you have a happy week,
see you soon lovely friends xo


Claire said...

Hey Beck a post chocabloc full of lovely things. Spring is a beautiful time of year and I can imagine your garden enjoying the worm farm stew and duck pond poo, hehe......
Love Roses and picking big bunches to bring inside is one of the delights of the season.
Poor Norman, he's like our Noddy, got an eye for the girls..........

Sad news about Sarah Watts, I was thinking about her Saturday night as I watched 'My Year Without Sex' a very talented lady indeed.

ALl the best with your sewing exploits, sounds as though you might be quite busy.

Hope you have a great week too,

Claire :}

teddybearswednesday said...

I wouldn't have been able to resist stopping to chat to the foal either!!
Loving all the shannigans of your various duck life ! Isn't that Norm a card! Glad to get an update on Freddy my favourite duck.
And I love spring too, there is just something wonderful and abundant about it, the wonderful weather xo

Maxabella said...

You're wonderfully busy as ever, Beck. I'm looking forward to the Big Hatch!! x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I loved this much like our house except for the ballerinas ;-) How could you not stop and say hello to that cutie!

manda said...

Hi Beck
so much to do so little time...oh i hear are so cute loving your feathered garden has me captivated right now..i could almost smell those roses of yours :-)
and what beautiful ballerinas you girls gave it up this year, im hoping they will want to dance again next used to make me cry watching them up on stage!
happy spring days to you :-)
manda x

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

So much happening at your place - and so many beautiful photos! Love the fowl antics at your place! Sorry to hear about your neighbour :(