Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring colour

Today I have much to do and not a lot of time.
So I'm going to let these photo's do the is what I've been up to this week. I've been...

enjoying beautiful roses which always make me smile and distract me from the mess!

Cooking - pasta, roast vegies, Mars Bars slice (mmm...), spicy chicken kebabs, quesadilla's...

..eating juicy red radishes..

and way too many olives at mum's.

Loving Rosies' new purple glasses,

sunshine through the trees and some beautiful Spring weather (about time),

Watching Norman peeking through the branches of the quince tree.

Admiring the flowers in my neighbours garden,

and checking out her new bee keepers outfit!

and her pretty house and garden as she prepares for her son's 21st birthday on Sunday. Fun!

I'm looking forward to drinking champagne and celebrating with this lovely family too. Theres lots to look forward to at the moment, Mark returning home tomorrow, a school tour with Lucy on Tuesday,
Charlotte's 19th birthday next week!, the Swiss Italian Festival which kicks off next weekend,
an art show opening on Thursday night, being a guest blogger at one of my favourite blogs very soon, boy October is a busy month!

Are you busy too? I hope you have lots of happy things coming up,
it's such a fun time of year.
Have a happy weekend lovely ones,

see you soon xo


Mare said...

I love your beautiful photos and posts, and i love visiting with you!

daisy said...

your neighbours house & garden is absolutely gorgeous!

Jenny McH said...

My To Do List for the weekend...plant out a few things into my veggie garden, start a baby quilt, use up the 'old' bananas and make a cake, and go for a short drive with my hubby & find a sunny spot to sit & have a cappuccino. That should keep me busy!
Enjoy your weekend!

Kate said...

Everything sounds busy but exciting. Have a wonderful weekend with your family all back together. X

mel @ loved said...

Gosh your gorgeous girl looks so grown up in those pretty glasses! Loving your bright fresh colours..x

Sally said...

How can you eat too many olives? Not possible me thinks.

Selina said...

Your girl's glasses are absolutely perfect for her.
October is no more crazy than any other month. (which isn't really saying alot.)