Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Home where little faces greet us.

Where the shells are a reminder,

of the dream that was Fiji.

Where our ducks wander under the trees in the Spring sunshine,

where branches are full of apple blossom,

cherry blossom,

and quince flowers, full of buzzing bees.

Home, where I find a pile of chook eggs,

and spend hours unbraiding the many tiny plaits that were made a million miles from here, under a palm tree by the sea.

Home where I bump into lovely friends at the supermarket, where I sleep happily in my own bed, where the children seem more relaxed as they all recover from the bug we picked up while travelling. Home where it's quiet and peaceful and green. Lately I've been thinking about whether we should make this lovely town our home forever or perhaps move somewhere bigger that may offer the kids more opportunities. As they grow I wonder if there will be enough for them here. Do you live in a small town and think about these things too? All the driving and planning and lack of things to do can sometimes get me down. But I do love this town, and it's people, it would be hard to leave, so much of our lives have happened here. Anyway, perhaps these are thoughts we all have from time to time, maybe I'm just in that kind of space right now.

What are you thinking about lately? I hope all is well with you dear friends, see you soon xo


deux chiens et un garcon said...

Your holiday seem to happen all so quickly. Sounds relly nice to be home.

I am often thinking of where to put down roots. I am missing a community and wonder if I am making it hard for my son.

Welcome home.

m.e (Cathie) said...

such beautiful pics Beck and a wonderful post.
i think about that too, our house is very small & I sometimes wonder what it would be like to move somewhere else but I don't think I could leave this little community where we live.
we are in the northern suburbs so not far from the city & i love that.

i don't think you could leave all the wonderful things that your town has to offer!

welcome home lovely lady ♥

ZippyZippy said...

Welcome home - those little guinnea pigs are so cute and must have been so happy to see you all.
Seems you have lots to think about - I am thinking it's about time school went back.
Also thinking about how quick this next term will disappear and that means my baby boy will then be off to school - don't think I am ready for that.

Leah said...

Your home looks wonderful! I love ours too, we have cute little guinea pigs, a big garden and collect lots of fresh eggs ♥

Jodie said...

Welcome home ! Your holiday looked so relaxing , but now it is home that is relaxing. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays.

teddybearswednesday said...

you know i've often thought about moving both out of the city and just to another suburb, but then i find the thought of leaving this little community I'm part of too hard.
right now I've been thinking alot about change, the good parts of it and the bad, and how often to get the changes in our life we want we have to go out of our comfort zone, if that makes any sense.
WOah, here I am blabbing as usual. and that was quite a Deep and Meaning blabber.
Just happy to have you home xoxo