Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Recently I received a driving license renewal form in the mail, time for a new license. It took me back ten years to when I last renewed it, when I was pregnant with Bill. I drove to the Sunshine Vic Roads feeling fat & puffy and frumpy and boy does it show in my license photo.! I remember thinking, great, I have to suffer with this photo for ten years!  And all of a sudden, ten years have flown by and I get to say goodbye to that pregnant me, which is kind of bitter sweet. I'm waiting for my new license to arrive, I wonder what the new me looks like?

This got me thinking not so much about how I look but more about all the things that have happened in those ten years.  It's a big chunk of time isn't it? I big chunk of life.

Ten years ago I didn't know that I would be living in beautiful Daylesford, in a pretty yellow house with a lovely garden.

How could I have known I would fall in love with chooks and ducks? That we would have fresh eggs daily, fruit trees, a vegie patch, flowers, fresh air, sunshine and bitter winters.

That I would stand outside at night and smell that good country air and feel such freedom from the noise & bustle of the city.

I didn't know then that I would have a boy called Billy who would be a little brother for Lucy & Charlotte. Or that I would have two more girls, Sunday & Rosie. Who would have thought? 

Ten years ago I was nervous about having a third baby, but thrilled to be having a son who was born just before Christmas. Ten years ago I was in my thirties, I had dark brown hair & wore red lipstick & I lived in Footscray.

I didn't know then that we would sadly lose both Mark's parents to cancer. His mother at the start of my pregnancy with Sunday, and his father a week before she was born. A sad & difficult time that we will never forget. A time made less painful by the arrival of our little girl, such a sweet & adorable baby.

Ten years ago I had no clue that my Dad would sell a precious family home where many memories were made. That my brother would move to Tasmania with his own family. That my mum would buy an old church in Hepburn and become such a lovely part of our every day lives.

Ten years ago I would have been so happy to know that I would have such good and loving friends. That I would meet some beautiful people who I adore, who ride this crazy roller coaster of life with me.

How could I know that I would still be with Mark? Of course I had hoped so but anything can happen. How lucky we are to have each other & our children who we love so much.

In the ten years that have passed I have grown older and maybe a bit more relaxed. I still stress sometimes, like us all, but I have slowed down a bit too and try not to worry about the little things. I've brought up four toddlers and a teenager, and now the four are at school & Charlotte is discovering the world as an adult. Some days I really feel the challenge of parenting, it's such a huge responsibility.  But every day I also feel so grateful to have them in my life, they make me laugh, they give the best cuddles, their creativity & freshness inspires me & their love & fun fills my life with happiness.

Ten years ago I didn't know I would be addicted to Grand Designs, that I would actually like olives, that I would love photography so much, that I could make bunnies out of blankets,  that I would have a blog! I didn't know I would have just had a lovely night away at the Windsor Hotel with my beloved,

or that he would be flying off to France on Saturday. A billion, million, trillion other things have happened over the last ten years, many thoughts, events, happy times & sadnesses. 

I didn't know ten years ago that a lovely family we are so fond of would lose their beautiful mum & wife. Her death reminds me daily to make the most of each moment, to love my family, make plans, to laugh & to live life, to really be in it,
 to treasure it.

I wonder what you were doing ten years ago? Do you feel like it's gone quickly? 
I hope all is well in your world of today,
take care &
see you soon, lovely friends xo


Felicity said...

What a great post to remind us all about how precious life is and of the importance of reflection & celebration.

Thank you for all that you've shared here, your words and your lovely images.

Happiest of happy hugs from me to you,
Felicity x

mel @ loved said...

A lovely post & beautiful pictures. I'm so glad you have a blog to share this part of you with us! Sooo much happens in 10 years! I was pregnant with our eldest, working way too hard & hanging out for my dream of being a mum, it's been onwards & upwards from there. Not without the odd drama of course but I do feel blessed for this life that I have..

Jennie said...

What a beautiful and insightful post. 10 years ago we thought we would not be able to have any children, and then fell pregnant. Things happen and change everything. Much love to you and yours.XXJ

Catherine said...

I've loved reading your reflections... I like looking at my first passport photo (with a HUGE grin that would be disallowed nowadays) and remembering how it felt as an 18 year old heading off on an adventure (and also being confronted with great poverty and heartbreak, as my first trip was to Africa). thank you for this post (and your gorgeous photos as always) xo

Jane said...

What a lovely post. You seem to have a very happy life and family, in a lovely part of our country. I have a similar fatty-pregnant-face pic on my soon-to-expire licence. My face will probably show a fair bit of wear since then but my life is undoubtably richer for it. A good time for reflection!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

I admire your journey so much Bec.

10 years ago I was stressed out working night shifts in Darwin. In my mid thirties then thiking that motherhood had passed me by.

Soo exciting about France

Bon voyage, mon amie


Floss said...

Once again, a very beautiful, thoughful post. Ten years ago we had recently been on holiday in France, and Ben had asked me if I could consider moving to France one day... And now here we are! It's good to look back and reflect on these things. Thanks, Beck.

Julie said...

Oh that rainbow! So much in life is about timing. Ten years well spent. So, you didn't know about Daylesford - I visited once and loved it. Lovely to think what could be around the corner.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

A lovely post! We are so blessed and sometimes we do not realise it!

I am suprised and delighted to see a chicken that appears to be covered in fur! How amazing is that! I am going to have to pintrest that pic!

Pipany said...

What a great post! I love the idea of recording the good and the not so things that happen in a ten year gap. Just lovely x

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Ten years is a long time, but how fast it goes. I was pregnant ten years ago too. That seems such a long time ago, but when you have young children and a busy life, time just flies. I find all your posts so honest and open. Thanks again for sharing your life with us and also giving us food for thought.

Jane said...

Hi Bec I'm your newest happy follower and what an intriguing post to start with! Thanks so much for sharing your life experiences so openly - I love your style ☺. J x

fuzziteddybear said...

Oh golly Bec, your blog is gorgeous! Your thoughts, your words, your photos, your heart...all beautiful!!! Hope the next 10 years are just as special and magical for you and all yours.
xxx :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh boy, a busy 10 years for you & me. My last driver's license photo was brilliant - just as they hit click, my son (about 5 at the time) leapt up in front of me, i burst out laughing & they said "do you want to keep it" - this photo of me with my mouth open & a tuft of blond hair on my chin - from the top of my son's head. I said "oh yes, this exactly sums me up". Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

PS 10 years ago i was heavily pregnant with twins - was absolutely everyone pregnant 10 years ago?? 2001 was a BIG year, nice to see we all supplied year 4 with children this year!! Love Posie