Friday, September 9, 2011


Ten things, in no parrticular order, that are making me feel happy today.
 1: A wonderful walk through the bush with my doggies. Here they are, wagging away,
on the rock at The Top of The World. Below them is a massive drop and all around an amazing panoramic view.

2: Old houses, I just love them! This ramshackle cottage that I walked past recently has such personality 

and this is the side view of a gorgeous local house that I have fallen in love with. And, gulp, it's for sale...

3: Dinner with Charlotte last night in the big, bad city. Oh so lovely to be with this beautiful daughter of mine. Thanks Char for your company, the laughs, the de briefs and for paying for dinner!! I can't wait to see you again on Sunday.

4: I was so proud of Rosie who gave her birthday money to 'the poor people' and received a certificate from St Vinnies. It's important to us that our kids learn about social justice and  grow up with an understanding that it is important to help others. Rosie's twenty dollars went towards feeding a family, she was so happy and proud of herself too.

5: This amazing vintage cross & chain finally arrived yesterday after taking four weeks to arrive from America. It belonged to a soldier who fought in WW1, survived and went on to become a barber. I bought it for Bill for his First Communion this Sunday, and I'm so happy to be giving him something unique, and special, just like him.

6: Our school celebrated Fathers Day yesterday and Mark was there to receive his cute pet rock (with glasses and a bow tie) and lots of love from his kids. It was good to be in a room full of Dad's and watch their faces as the kids read out funny & sweet things about them. A truly beautiful celebration and a great reminder of how important Dad's are.

7: A shopping trip with sweet Lucy who was thrilled to get two new pairs of shoes on the same day. Her feet have been growing so much, she's now in a ladies size 8! I loved spending some time with her on our own, she is such a cutie pie and such a loving daughter.

8: Hanging with the G.P's really brightens my day.
They are just so damn adorable. And they are good listeners.. :)

9: A fun night at book club this week, being with some great women, chatting, laughing,
discussing ideas and life. 

10: And finally, I'm so excited, happy & grateful that in a few weeks we will be on holidays!!
I can't wait for some warmth, some sunshine and sea,
to be with my gang and having fun.
What are you happy about lately?
Have a great weekend everybody,
lots of love & see you soon xo


Tania said...

Sounds like busy rollercoastery times. Couldn't think of anything better to focus on than a holiday that looks like that one. If your suitcase feels a little on the heavy side, it's just me coming along for the ride...

mel @ loved said...

Oh that holiday sure is something to look forward too!! What a lovely post, loads to be happy about there..x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Loved your happy post, those GP's are so cute!

hausfrau in melbourne said...

Those pups are super sweet. Mine would eat the guinea pigs.

Jenny McH said...

I have been reading your blog for some months now, not sure if I have left a comment before, but I just had to say, Well Done Rosie! What a lovely & thoughtful donation you have given.
Beck, so glad that you have filled your heart with happy things.

Maria Rose said...

You have a lot to be happy about!

I am happy to spend a weekend with my family and friends.

Maxabella said...

It's so wonderful to see that you are in such z happy place, Beck. Your children (and husbie!) are gorgeous, kind and sweethearty. Wasn't Rosie a delight? Such a caring girl.

My Badoo's real name us Charlotte and we call her Lottie! x

Kymmie said...

You have such a big list of gratefuls which is really awesome! I too have a love for old homes, and am so proud that you are teaching your kids to donate to Vinnie's.

The best values ever!

Thanks for linking up today ;) xx

Kamika said...

Beautiful post! I love old houses too, old abandoned construction sites are some of my fave for taking pictures! Found you via the Thankful link up!