Thursday, September 29, 2011


Greetings from Fiji! I can't believe we are really here! The days before we headed off on our holiday were busy ones, organising our pets, packing, then a crazy whirl of dance rehearsals & the South Street competition. Sunday, above with Bill, had so much fun, I haven't heard yet who won their round but it doesn't matter, she had a ball anyway!

The day before we said goodbye to Mark who was jetting off to France. Mark teaches French at a secondary college and was lucky enough to be going on the school trip to France.

But we have been lucky too, and were all so excited to finally get on the plane on Monday, check out Char in the background here, looking very annoyed by her little brother :)

How fun it was flying up through the white fluffy clouds, away from the cold and into the warmth of the Polynesian islands. After we arrived in Suva we took a funny old wonky bus that wound it's way through the dirt roads and past cows and small fires, villages and cane fields to our resort.

I'll be honest with you, the first day was tough. We were tired, cranky, there was a mix up with our rooms and we were also next to a noisy restaurant. Once our rooms were sorted it all got a lot better, we are now in a fantastic room near the pool.

And lets face it, that's where we've been spending most of our time!

It's just a little walk from our room, 

                                                                    to the glorious pool.

And then a hop, skip and jump to this amazing beach. Today I watched lots of white fish swimming through the clear water,  and collected shells, swam and floated and relaxed. Ahhh....!

These photo's are mainly for my  mum, who sadly missed out on this trip due to illness. Mum, we wish you were here with us, we are so sad you couldn't come. I hope you enjoy the photo's, I'll post some more tomorrow. And to everyone out there, hope you are having fun with the ones you love. See you soon xo


flowerpress said...

I thought you might be away :-)
Looks like heaven, enjoy those lazy days with all your beautiful kids. x

Selina said...

How lovely! Enjoy!

Pomona said...

It looks lovely - I wish I could join you!

Pomon ax