Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random beauty

I wonder when you pop by to visit me do you say to yourself,
oh no, not another chook shot?! You know, I just can't help myself,
I love our crazy family of pets. Norman is such a handsome fella,

and how could you not admire his crest and feathered pantaloons?
When I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by life all I have to do is go outside
and the back yard gang make me feel better.

Inside is a happening place too, pet wise. Have you said hi to Shorty lately?
There he is, look closely, he's waving!

Bill assures me he actually does wave his little flippers if you wave at him, he is a very social turtle.

 Besides being all about animals this week I've also managed to actually complete a bunny!! Woo! It's been a while.

This little ballerina was an order for a lovely girl who is turning 12 this week. I do hope she likes her. I'm so happy with the way she turned out, although that tutu was a little bit of a drama! So fiddly..

Speaking of beautiful girls, I had fun with Sunday yesterday, getting her outfit ready for Arts Night at school.

She was playing Red Riding Hood's mum, and looked so cute in her flowery apron. Arts Night went really well. Sunday & Rosie did group songs and plays with their classes, Lucy sang with two friends and Billy played his original song, Snow Cap.

I was so proud of them all. It was also great hearing the other kids play their individual pieces, and watching the senior room do Thriller was amazing! 

What are you up to today? I'm working through my list...hopefully I'll get to tick off a few things. Is your life a bit crazy and hectic sometimes? Mine feels a bit like that lately. In amongst it all though, I love the way this life of ours is full of random beauty and precious moments. I guess it's just a matter of making sure you stop and find them. 

Hope you find something special in your Wednesday,
much love & see you soon xo


Sue said...

Oh Shorty is such a cute fellow. Isabelle keeps asking me for a turtle but I am afraid we wouldnt look after it right. Love the bunny with the tutu, very cute.

Floss said...

Hi Beck, what great humans and animals you have in your household! Always lovely to hear from you and to read how things are going on the other side of the world. Things are good for the rentrée here - Son 1 is in the final (exam) class of his school (getting ready for lycée next year) and is taking everything seriously yet with enthusiasm. He's grown up just in time! Son 2 is smarting from a new school-day ban on computer games that I've instigated, but is also waiting desperately for a mail-order book to arrive - the next in his favourite series. And I'm pottering about keeping tabs on it all! Thanks for asking ;)



Maria Rose said...

I love checking out all of the human and animal life on your blog!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

There is nohting like Chook Therapy. I often prescribe it.

Jemm said...

Your Norman is a beauty. We had to get rid of our beautiful Barred Plymouth Rock rooster. He stripped all the feathers from the backs of all the hens. Then they'd peck at each other till they'd bleed. It was a disaster. This was back in the spring when we got rid of him and they are still bald. But they are so beautiful.