Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Space

Forgive me friends but you may find this post a little disjointed, a little all over the place. That's life right now and I'm finding space is sometimes hard to find. Or if it's found then which of the ten million things do you fill it with? Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Bill's book and just sit back, and finger knit.

High on the list of the things happening in my space this week has been KEEPING WARM! Yep, winter has come early here in the Big D and I'm all about hats and boots and scarves. I've got my eye on a pair of black Birkenstock boots, ooh, better start saving!  Cooking is all the go too. Apple crumble, made from our own back yard apples,

 and jam drops, just a few of the things we have been enjoying.

Talking of food I took Bill & Sunday to the specialist this week for allergy testing. We already knew Sunday is allergic to peanuts & this was her last check to confirm this. Unfortunately she will have this allergy for life. An ongoing concern for us, and her.  Bill's test revealed he is allergic to cats, dust and most grasses and also shellfish! This we didn't know and it can also be very serious. He goes back soon for more tests to narrow down what particular seafood he is allergic too. Scary stuff.

The kids actually enjoyed the process and found some of it quite funny. It's Rosie's turn next week, fingers crossed it's straight forward

Ok, what else? New chooks, less ducks, busy Saturdays with sport & ballet. Two goals to Bill in his second game, go Billy!

And Shorty, having some Air Time. Turtles need this as their shells can get shell rot, or some such thing.

Two little girls who played happily for two hours after school today, sharing & working things out. Yay!

Anyway, see what I mean? My space is all over the place.  That's family life I guess.Not much bunny making going on..maybe next week? Hey, it's not too late to enter my giveaway! Daisy will be picking out a winner on Friday.

Sleep tight lovely friends, see you soon xo


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gosh you have been so busy! Those jam drops look delicious!

The photos of the hildren are gorgeous, what beautiful kids you have!

Loved the allergy tests, good job it is felt pen and not indelible!

Catherine said...

wow - your space looks really full and busy (and rather yummy I must say!). Hope the rest of the week treats you and your family well x

Trini said...

Cute turtle! Praying that Rosie's allergy tests go well...

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies. We have the testing done on forearms over here in NZ. Your life looks very normal for busy a family and life usually is all over the show. It's so nice when children play so nicely together. Have a great day and hopefully a warmer one.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Looks very busy as usual. I didn't know that about turtles. I used to keep them but gave them to a turtle stud farm (yes they exist!) when I left England. A peanut allergy must be very stressful for everyone.I hope the rest of the tests go ok.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Beck i always love your space no matter what.
So full of life, love, fun and serious stuff.
love the way the kids see the fun side of the allergy tests, it's a wonderful quality, but it's great those things have been found out, coz they can be serious.
Hope you get some space to breath and think to yourself special xo

Maxabella said...

An awesome post, Beck! Bring on the 'disjointed' I say!! x

Jill said...

a post reflecting real life it seems. those skin prick tests can sometimes be a bit confusing. your kiddos seem to handle it really well.