Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend away...

Hi there! It's Sunday night and I'm slowly coming down to earth after a weekend away from home.
I'm trying to get my head around the washing, the constant calls for MUM!, 
the spilt drinks, the thought of the school run tomorrow,
the meal planning, the reality of
everyday life. 
It is lovely to be home with my sweetie pies, 
but I sure did enjoy stepping out of family life for a couple of days. I highly recommend it!

Here are ten things I loved about my weekend away. 

1. Typo! (see above) Loved it, especially the Scrabble letters..

2. Hanging out with 5 ace mates,

chatting, eating, relaxing.

3. St Kilda, lots of good food, the Stokehouse, quirky shops, the beach, the street life,

And these two sweeties, what a cute pair!

4. The city.

 the new Myer, cake & coffee, pre dinner drinkie poos,

water wall leaf art,

& the Block Arcade.

5. Get Low, starring Robert Duvall. Loved it!
6. Mamasita!! Wow, what an amazing place, 
yum, yum, yum!

7. Some quiet time. Yep, some solitary, knitting, sitting in bed, reading the papers,
taking it easy time. Ahhhh... :)

8. The beach. Need I Say More? (except it wasn't really yellow...)

8. Zoning out. Not having plans. Seeing what happened.
9. Not making snacks. NOT COOKING AT ALL!
10. Best of all, hanging out with five really ace friends. All different, all fantastic,
all very much loved and appreciated.
Can we go away again next weekend?
Hope you all had a fun one too,
see you soon lovely ones xo


Jodie said...

Sounds great Bec, even the yellow beach !!!

Vic said...

I. Love. Typo.

BOB & MABEL said...

Sounds lovely. It is a wonderful thing to get away, even just for the weekend.