Monday, May 2, 2011


Ok, it's Monday night already but my head is still in the weekend.  Although a million Monday things have already whirled past me, pulling me along in a week day slip stream,  I still have one foot in Saturday....where I became a footy mum. Yep, and he's wearing No. 18. Ok so I wasn't actually there because I am officially ballet mum on Saturdays, but I heard he had fun, marked the ball, had a kick.

And after a busy, driving, snack making, dance watching Saturday a sleepy Sunday afternoon saw horses,

beautiful, brown eyed, long lashed, horses.

Lucky we live near a ranch where they have trail rides through the bush,

and lucky we have a sweetie pie neighbour friend to go horse riding with! Go Ruby!

We also had a visit to Mum's in Hepburn. I marvelled at her red shoes and blue socks, her jigsaw puzzle, her cute ways,

& her tomatoes all in a row.

Here she is, watering her oasis, a happy face in a cloud of green.
How was your weekend? Was it a fun one?
I think I pulled a muscle chasing ducks around trying to do that damn peep/quack test...but guess what?
Rosie the Duck Lady was spot on! She worked out the boys from the girls just from a photo, amazing.
So we do have seven boys & two girls. Wow.

Off to beddie bies for me, I'm a tired old chook tonight.
Sleep tight lovely friends, and if you're in the mood, pop back
soon for a Dandelion giveaway!! xo


Pomona said...

We had a lovely strawberry shortcake and Eton mess - hope you enjoyed yours!

Pomona x

Miss Prudence said...

Yay footy mum! You know at 50 matches you will be required to make a banner he can run through!

teddybearswednesday said...

You really were footy mum on Saturday , not only for Billy, but for the Mighty Tiges!!! YAY go the Mighty Tiges- they played sooo well Beck, I was so proud.
Always in the mood for a Dandelion giveaway but always in the mood for Dandelion really xo

Tania said...

I had to research that peep/quack test cos I was, er, worried. Thank goodness for the explanatories of the previous post. Oh. And I adore your Mum.

Sue said...

I could just imagine you running around the backyard trying to catch ducks to squeeze them. Glad Bill had a great day playing football, and your mum's garden looks so lush and green!

Kate said...

Ahhhh, a footy Mum! How exciting. I so have to live out my boy thing through you and your boy.
Missed you loads last night. x

mel @ loved said...

Gosh we haven't done a good jigsaw puzzle for so long, you've inspired me to pull one out! Your mum's garden is amazing, what a gorgeous pleace to spend time..xx