Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giveaway Tuesday!!

I love May. It's a month I always enjoy. Autumn, Mother's Day, my birthday, the word itself, lots to love about May! So to celebrate all things May I have decided to have a little giveaway.
No, I'm not giving Daisy away...but rather this dear, sweet bunny who has been languishing in the Dandelion shop for far too long. She needs a good home with lots of cuddles and fun.

You will see at the end of this post that it is very easy to enter,
but first you will have to endure
some light reading. Enjoy!

Things you may or may not know about me...

I hate the sound of plastic bags being scrunched
I can say the alphabet backwards.
My favourite colour is pink, all shades.

I was a single parent for four years with my eldest daughter.

When I was four years old I ran away from school.

When I was in grade one a very glamorous grade two girl, who wore her hair in long plaits curled up on each side of her head, knitted me a pair of underpants. I was thrilled and mortified and so relived when she didn't ask me to try them on in front of everyone.

I love dogs but I don't like cats

I met my honey, Mark, at my Dad's 60th birthday, who would have thought?

I have a tattoo which I had done on Show Day, 1988, and no, it's not on my bum.

When I was 18 I had purple & green hair.

I've been to Darwin ten times, but not for over ten years now.

My best friend at primary school had a false eye

Between 2000 and 20005 I had four beautiful babies.

I have two nieces who live in Tasmania and two nephews & one niece in Wisconsin, all who I love & adore.

My dad's father was a travelling draper who took his truck, laden with goods, all over country Victoria.

I love chocolate, lentils, passionfruit & donuts. But not all at once.

I can remember the sound of the horse and cart delivering milk to my Nan's house, early in the morning. Does that mean I was born in the olden days? 

I love to travel and one day I hope to go to Italy & Spain and see lots of other parts of the world.

My favourite thing to do is reading, I read every day and every night.

I am addicted to Words With Friends. I think I have about 20 games going, I'm obsessed. My user name is 'Beck!'.

I am scared of balloons.

I'm still trying to work out what I want to be when I grow up

So now you know a whole lot of useless information about me, it's your turn!

 Just leave me a comment telling me something about you. Anything at all! See, that was easy wasn't it? If you are a follower you have an extra chance of winning Butterfly Bunny. Good luck lovely friends, see you soon xo


Sue said...

I loved learning all those things about you Beck. I do know how hard it is to be a single mum, I did it for a few years too with my son. You just never know where you will meet the right one now do you. I do hope your bunny finds a very loving home!

Maxabella said...

What a great list, Beck. I loved finding out these things about you. It all adds up to a really wonderful character, believe me.

Hmmmm... something about me in the same vein is that I have always really, really wanted to get a tatoo of three little birds on my wrist but I was a needle phobe. Now that pregnancies have at last cured me of that, I am turning 40 and my husband says that it's too late as it will just look mid-life-crisisy. x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

How nice to read about Beck. I love your bunnies and I know a little certain someone who would love one too.

I am nervous at the sight of the number 9. it gets worse as the nines increase for example 999 feels me with dread. it is the sense of antcipation i cannot cope with, like I see it and feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff waiting to fall... I do not like it. I do not like it at all.

mel @ loved said...

Beck that was great, I really enjoyed reading all those things about you. I LOVE the knitted underpants by the glamorous grade 2,that is adorable! Hmmm, something about me..I'm pretty sure I'm some crazed thrill seeker at heart, Although I've not much to show for it so far I'd love to try some extreme sports, I absolutely love watching them, meanwhile hubby goes very weak at the knees!

Eli said...

I'd love to give your bunny a good home.

As a student I would save up money from my jobs and go away for the weekend without telling anyone. Now that I'm a parent I cannot believe that I did that. What if anything had happened to me?
On the other hand that's how I saw Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Wales and a few other great places.

PS I've never told them and I never will.

teddybearswednesday said...

Beck, i loved reading all these odd and randomn things about you, this would have to be one of my favourite Dandelion posts.
But I must know, what's you tat of? and where is it?
and the fact that you are scared of Balloons make me sooo glad you are my friend.
Um about me, I really really have a problem with guys with long hair, I really really don't like it, and have never seen them look better than if it was short. I can be quite rude about it( in my head) I've never thought of myself as a judgemental person, but when it comes to long haired dudes, I make an exception.
Oh and I'm allergic to bubble bath

yardage girl said...

I loved reading more about you - we have lots in common. Something about me ... I lived on a remote sheep station for the first 9 years of my life, and did school via School of the Air - it was wonderful, I loved it! Nic x

Elisabeth said...

You are such a sweet one. Love to read your posts. I too still try to figure out what I will be when I grow up. It´s hard isn´t it?

Elisabeth :-)

Maree: said...

Great Post..Your Bunny is Gorgeous and just the right colour for this household...
something about me...I have a fetish with lightbulbs...can't stand the thought of having to change one...I've tried over & over but I leave that to DH...
May is my Birthday Month Too...

flowerpress said...

what a great list of things :-)

Hmmm, let me think.
I don't like watermelon. I've only ever met one other person who doesn't and people think i'm strange and yes, I love to/have to read too, every night.

p.s. I'm downloading words with friends. I don't know what its about but you have me intrigue!

p.p.s. Lovely to have you in the swap :-)

Emma said...

I'm scared of balloons too! I recently used one as a template for a making a papier-mache pinata and it was terrifying!

Great list, it's always nice to find out random things about lovely bloggers :)

Miss Prudence said...

Love learning ALL of those things! I am quite impressed with a 2nd grader actually knitting undies too and that you started your academic career at 4!
I think you just keep getting more amazinger ( real word I am sure!) with each May : )

Mama Duck said...

Lovely bunny and interesting facts about you! About me? Well... Before I got married, I lived in Canada for six months working as an au pair. It was wonderful. When l left australia, it was +40 degrees, and when I arrived in montreal it was -35c!!!!! Talk about shock to the system!

CurlyPops said...

What a lovely giveaway!

Hmmm maybe I'll confess that I have some OCD tendencies. I never like to walk on concrete cracks, and I wash my hands lots of times per day!

Sarita said...

What a fun post.

One thing about me? I learned how to change the oil in a tractor last Sunday. A new skill.

Serenata said...

I'm still trying to work out what I want to be when I grow up as well! ;-) I love reading and read every day as well, although only in the evening at the moment, otherwise I wouldn't get anything done and the weather is too nice not to enjoy being outside.

Now something about me...I have a real soft spot for waifs and strays, from human, animal AND the 'stuffed' kind LOL

Marine said...

I loved reading about you! Thanks

I moved to NZ from South Africa 9 years ago. I love the city where I live - Dunedin. I love the students in Dunedin. I love rugby. I love Carisbrook rugby stadium! I am the only female in my house so would love to give the bunny a good home in the far south!

Wendy said...

We have in common a love of lentils, reading, and dogs, Beck. :)

Interesting tidbit about me?

I was born breech, and the OB managed to break my left femur in the process.


Lisa said...

Beck, I just love reading your blog and this post was so lovely. It is always nice reading things that help you to better get to know the blogger.

I love reading too. My favourite book is probably 'The Time Travellers Wife" although there are many more favourites too. Another tidbit, is I have curly hair, and noone else in my family does. Until I was about 14, when people asked me where my curls came from, I answered 'the milkman' as I had heard my mum give that answer. Needless to say, when the meaning of that answer dawned on me, I was rather mortified.

Cotton Kiwi said...

What a fantastic post! Love all those tidbits of info, particularly the knitted undies bit! Ha ha. I can only imagine what would inspire a second grader to knit undies for her friend!
Hard to compete with your fabulous list but I have a false eye like your bestie from school and once had an entire nightclub of people looking for it when it fell out on the dance floor. They turned the lights on and everything. Very embarrassing, especially as I was only 19 and the eye turned up in a friend's pocket!!

hester said...

Such a beautiful bunny, Beck. Please put us in the giveaway as my Em is always mooning over the bunnies in your shop. Loved all the little tidbits about you. My favourite part is the four beautiful babies in 5 years. Clever you!

Hmmmm....about me. I learnt to crack a stockwhip when I was a little girl living near Longreach. I used to tell people that my mother was a maori before she was married. (She had a working holiday in NZ and her maiden name was Murray). I used to wish for a baby of my own on every "santa clause" that sailed by. Eventually at 37 I had one and now I tell her she is my "wish come true baby".

Linda said...

Hi Beck,I have just read your blog for the first time. Excellent!
I have a thing about wheels - I don't drive, I can't ride a bike & I don't roller skate...but I do love bunnies!

Thereisabuttonmissing said...

Such a lovely post Beck. I'd love to be able to give this beautiful bunny to my super cute niece.

Something about me...every winter I attempt to teach myself to crochet. The wool sits next to the couch for 3 months before being placed back into my ever increasing wool stash. I'm sure I'll get there one day...

Pomona said...

I love your bunnies! And I don't know what to say about myself except that I am a farmer's daughter with a PhD in English Literature who really wants to knit and sew all day long and sit and look at the flowers ...

Pomona x

Mary said...

How lovely of you to share yourself with us like that! Great to read your list, and all the comments!

Now, in order to have a chance at that bunny....I was terrified of dogs for most of my life after being bitten by 3 or 4 different dogs, and chased by many others. Then my husband brought one home to our kids, then another, then another, then another (not more than 2 at once; 2 was more than enough). I'm ok with my daughter's dogs, but am still wary with others, though my Mom says I used to terrify her by running up to strange dogs and hugging them. Maybe that is why I was bit!

Trini said...

I like to play the piano! I can't walk by a piano without sitting down to play.

Jan said...

Lovely to know more about you, Bec. Your bunnies are so adorable - and as I work just two days a week, I will have plenty of time to devote to this little one and give her plenty of cuddles. Something about me - hmm, well, May is a special month for me too - my DH and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday, it's my birthday at the end of the month and even though I will be 60 next year I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i LOVE this post Beck! what a great list of the little things that make up you.
I also have a tattoo and I cannot wear everyday shoes unless they are docs, i have tried but they don't stay around.

Gooseberry Jam said...

Interesting reading! I remember writing down 25 random things about myself once and I really struggled to complete the list, You have done well! Few similarities I picked up on there too....I also have that same beautiful Ikea Cushion as you so I know that this sweet little bunny will be feel right at home here at my place....and there is lots of cuddles and fun to be had here...

groovinmama said...

What a great blog post. You made me smile!

And oh!, your bunnies are the sweetest I've seen! I make bunnies, too, and they would LOVE to have one of your bunnies move in! I'm not so sure I'd share with my girls.

I, too, have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up" ... whatever that means. Right now, I'm happy being a mama to my 2 girls.

One of the things that most of my friends might not believe is that I was usually voted "Shyest Girl" and "Quietest Girl" from kindergarten through high school. Ugh.

Libby said...

I really enjoyed reading your list & had a giggle when I read about you hating the sound of plastic bags being scrunched! I can completely understand as I get really upset when I hear the sound of cardboard rubbing up against cardboard or being ripped, and everyone thinks I'm just being silly - but it makes me feel awful! Like nails running down a blackboard. It makes moving house really uncomfortable as I can't bear being around all of the boxes!

aracne said...

I have been following you for a while and there are still new things to discover about you!
I also remember when the milk was delivered at my Grandmother's house and poured into a jug that she kept for this. Then the milk had to be boiled...another era.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Hi Beck. Such a warm and open post. So nice to find more about each other. It is late so my mind is in a muddle. But your puppy looks so like my Chester. I think I've been to Darwin about 8 times, but lived there for 5 years in a row. My mother was a single Mum with 3 kids under 4 at age 22. I admire her and love her so much.

have a wonderful and happy Mum's day

xo jill

Anonymous said...

I looked at this beautiful website and it made me very happy i have been ill for a long time and just take each day as it comes along i see all the children that never a week goes by i dont think of them and i can see how much they'v grown they are very special too i hope they are all well and they look so happy love to you all always charlotte,lucy,bill,sunday and rosie, and of course my love and kindest thoughts forever to you rebekah and mark i think of you always too i see daisy is max there too ?