Friday, February 18, 2011


...a little girl with a wobbly tooth, wiggling it, waggling it, talking about it all day and night.

The excitement of the tooth fairy coming with a silver bell, a note, a gold coin and fairy sparkles, oh wow!! 

Rosie being so thrilled and showing everyone (and I mean everyone) at school her gold coin.  She is loving school now and has made lots of friends and has settled in really well. Phew.

Other happy things....the light in the garden, almost autumny but not quite. Dapples, ripples, splashes of shadow. Birds darting here and there, loud cockatoo's patrolling the sky.

My mum & Sunday, a beautiful connection between two special girls, both clever & colourful, original and loving, funny & kind. 

Baby kittens next door, snuffling for milk, warm and cosy in the bottom drawer with their mumma.

A school pool night, fish & chips on the grass
on a warm afternoon.

Splashing & playing,

and hanging out with friends.

I'm also loving walking around Lake Wendouree and our own Lake Daylesford, so many beautiful sights. I'll have to take my camera next time.  Fridays, friends, pasta sauce with home grown garlic, 
chooks in the back yard, chooks in the front, Brooklyn (have you read it?) and the new unopened Country Style magazine that is sitting on my bed, waiting for me and a cuppa to join it later.
What are you loving at the moment?

Hope you have a happy weekend, 

see you soon xo


Linda said...

This is a very sweet post, Beck...moments in time...

Catherine said...

Lovely photos of lovely moments - thanks Beck!

Sally said...

Awww ... those baby kittens so beautiful and sweet. Wobbly teeth ... erk - I could never really handle it as a child and I don't think I'm going to do much better as a mama.
Lovely dovely fluffy clouds.

All is good in the universe.

m.e (Cathie) said...

loving your sweet post, loving the wobbly tooth & tooth fairy.
loving the sweet pic of your girls, young & old.

i must do a loving post next week, it's good to acknowledge what makes us smile.

happy weekend lovely Beck ♥

aracne said...

Reading your posts I feel that you are one of those people who can make the best of everything thay have. You make me feel optimistic and positive about life.
Have a great week end!

teddybearswednesday said...

loving this post and all your gorgeous pics.
Also loving yo xo

Miss Muggins said...

sooooo much to love!
I am loving my sweet girl, turning 13 (but am a little wistful too)

Tania said...

I'm closing this post quicksticks before any small persons enter the room. Inflation hasn't quite made it to these parts. Fangs seem to score but $1.

Sounds like you're set up for the weekend of perfect. Enjoy!

Freckled Hen said...

You captured those happy moments perfectly, it's been ages since I've seen such tiny sweet!

mel @ loved said...

look at those clouds! Our little six yr old has just lost 3 teeth in a week! They were loose for so long & then suddenly, all out! Enjoy your weekend xx

Mare said...

I love your photographs. Your family is beautiful...

Amber said...

Wow i love these photos and that intreging photo of the billowing cloud is amazing. So lovely precious lady xxx