Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today I am wondering if Veronica is really Ronald. The kids keep telling me that she is a he and that the cock a doodle doo-ing is coming from her, not Smokey.

Today I am looking at those impressive tail feathers! Who would have thought there would be such gender confusion, but this is Daylesford so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Ronald just doesn't seem to suit him/her, perhaps we'll stick with Veronica, it's more glamourous anyway.

Today I'm considering how many cups of tea are too many.

Today my big school girl is home as she has every Wednesday off school for the first six weeks. She's been drinking chocolate milk, playing with her dolls, taking close up photo's of chooks, making a bed for her kitty and is happy to dag around in her pj's all day.

Today I thinking about my precious baby girl who is entering the whole new big world of school. It's been a wobbly start and I worry that no one will run to hold her hand at play time. My darling one who loves to spin and dance and imagine a whole world of make believe must now learn to sit and listen and negotiate the school yard and new friendships.

Today I am thinking about Charlotte who is heading to Melbourne tomorrow, destined for a big new journey of her own. Together we will pack the car full of everything that is her and drive down to her new life. Another adjustment, another transition, another baby bird learning to fly.

Today I'm aware that it's been a big couple of weeks around here, that I'm still not quite back on track after being ill, that it takes time to settle into new classrooms, to new adventures, to process & recover from a complicated issue with a good friend.

Today I'm letting myself feel how I feel, and am not judging myself or others. I'm looking out the window at my chookies pecking and fluffing about, other tiny birds flying down for a drink from the pond. I'm hearing Rosie's excited voice calling my name, I'm thinking of all that I have to be grateful for.

And lastly I'm thinking of last night when I helped Billy & Lucy with their homework and chatted with them about their new teacher and some of the challenges they are facing as they grow up. As I tucked Lucy in and held her close she said "Mum, if you were a god, you'd be the god of love." In that moment, my heart was so full and happy. A moment to treasure forever.

Hope your world is full of such moments too,
see you soon lovely friends xo


Daffodil said...

What a gorgeous post! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.

Tanya said...

I am glad you got a beautiful 'moment' with your daughter- that's very lovely. Last night I got 'no kisses tonight mum, just a hug'!!

Sue said...

What a lovely post Beck! I dont know if that is a rooster but it does seem to look like one with a big hairdo! Hope Rosie is settling in well. Isabelle used to have a rough start to the year every second year for some reason. Thankfully this year she seems to be settling in quite well but very tired when she comes home! Hope Charlotte enjoys her new adventures too.

Thimble Fingers said...

What a wonderful, heart warming post. Its so nice to know that there are people who realise the joy they have in their lives, and who cherish the special moments. So many of us take these wonderful things for granted.

mel @ loved said...

Oh that is such a beautiful thing to hear your little girl say, so precious. I hope you are taking things easy & feeling better & stronger every day..and don't bother counting your cups of tea, just enjoy them..x

Tania said...

TWELVE. Cups of tea, I mean. Thanks to you I'm up to the fourth. I may need a loo stop between playing Taxi Mum...

Hope tomorrow is bloody brilliant, love.

Cotton Kiwi said...

What a wonderful thing to hear from your daughter! Hope your week goes according to plan!

Monique said...

You got me on that last line Bek. Tears simply sprung to my eyes. These transitional feelings are hard to sit with. Do so with many cups of teas.

PS Ellie is loving playing with her bunny. She dresses and undresses her all the time.

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, so many beginnings. I'm LOVING my high school experience, such a lovely school with kind happy girls all ready to flash a smile & say hello. My girl was so excited to show us her locker & introduce us to new friends, clearly she hasn't realised high school girls aren't meant to parade their mummies around yet?? She is loving every minute, the teachers, subjects, experiences, the next 2 girls are dying to start there, how easy will that be?? Love Posie

teddybearswednesday said...

What a beautiful and true thing Lucy said to you.
Hope the stuff with your friend irons out.

aracne said...

This is a post full of love, very moving. I understand the stress you are facing, when I have the same intense days I try to tackle day at a time.
I loved the Veronica/Ronald hamletic doubt: maybe calling him Veronico would do the trick?

hester said...

What a beautiful post, Beck. You are a wise woman, indeed. Sunday's words brought a tear to my eye, too. Think what great mums your girls will be one day.

Enjoy your rest, Beck, and those cups of tea. Thanks for dropping in to say hello.

manda said...

oh gosh Beck.. l o v e .
manda x

Lindy in Brisbane said...

How lovely to have such a special moment filled with love. Especially precious in a time of transition when things can be a little tricky. Brought a tear to my eye.

Carleen said...

HI there, I've lurked on and off for a while thru Le's blog Third on the right and would like to say how much I enjoy your writing, photos, crafts and chooks! It dawned on me today that you are in Daylesford and I'm heading down there this week to compete in the Austalian Body art awards. Just in case you didn't know it was happening you might like to bring the kids along to the Rex Arcade on Saturday morning as I think there'll be face painting there.
thanks for a great read!

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