Monday, February 14, 2011

The day of love

Do you ever wish you could fly away, up into the blue sky? As I child I always wished I could fly and I still sometimes dream I have wings. There is a lot of bird activity in our garden & area lately as fruit is ripening and hungry birds come calling.

2011 is kicking into gear as Charlotte gets settled in Melbourne and starts her course today. She is loving her little apartment and it's cute balcony, and her plant, Larry. (Hi Larry, if you're reading this.) Char's friend moves in too on Friday so she will have company, and I'm sure, alot of fun!

I'm thinking especially of Charlotte today as it is a bit on an anniversary for us. Nineteen years ago today, on my own while studying in Darwin, I found out I was having a baby! It was a day that changed my life forever and just thinking about it makes me go a tingly and goose bumpy! Valentine's day has a special meaning for me, truly a day of love. Happy Anniversary Charlotte, I love you!

Ballet has started back in Ballarat on Saturdays and with it a new grade. Rosie is in Primary now and it feels a little more serious. She loves it, although she is pretty tired after her first week of school.

Back at home our garden is looking so lush and green after all the rain. So different from a 'normal' summer.

I'm hanging out for the apples to ripen, although they are a little flecked and marked they will still taste great and be fab for school lunches!

Zucchinis, yep, we've got a ton of them. For some reason each plant has gone totally crazy so we are eating then in every way possible. Yesterday we had zucchini bread and zucchini soup, not together though, there has to be a limit!

The kids are loving being outside in this beautiful weather we have been having. Such big blue skies and sunny days, bliss! Here is Daisy getting some loving from Rosie.

Hope I've got some worm tablets in the cupboard!

School is going well so far with the usual settling in, new teachers, classes etc. It takes time at the start of each year to get back into it doesn't it?

Today I plan to spend some time outside in the garden, tidying up and doing some long over due jobs. Can you see two ducks under the apple tree? Yes, two, not three. Sadly we lost one of our gorgeous ducks a little while ago as she had a prolapse due to laying eggs when she was too young. It was awful and distressing and I was glad to find she had passed away quite quickly overnight as it was not nice to see her in pain. The other two have been looking for her, particularly her best friend, which has also been sad. At least Freddie & Zsa Zsa have each other.

So it's Valentine's Day, I hope you get some love today! It's also a brand new week and I hope an easier one for me as I did find last week pretty intense with lots of changes and adjustments. I'm looking forward to enjoying some more sunny days and blue skies. Hope your Monday is a happy one, see you soon lovely friends xo


Tania said...

I came over all Rush of Excitement at the notion of a first year of Uni and a new apartment. WOW! Imagine having that year all over again. Have a fabulous week, lovely.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Happy ANniversary to you and your beautiful girl!!
Loving all the gorgeous pics over here ( the doggy love in reminds me of dusty and I- I'm such a sook)
Hope charlottes first day goes well.
big love to you xo

Lizzie said...

What a lovely day to discover new life..! I wonder why they don't want parents to gather? When our four kids were all at school we moved LOTS because of the mans work and I always knew that whatever school, the Mums would always be welcoming, always have time for a cuppa and local knowledge. It's sad that they don't encourage that...

Maxabella said...

That's such a beautiful photo of Charlotte looking ever-so pleased at her new digs! Good luck to her on this most fabulous of journeys.


mel @ loved said...

What a gorgeous little balcony, I'm sure it is going to be a fun & exciting year for charlotte. Days like today are heavenly, all this sunshine makes me look forward to all the possiblities that lie ahead...

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely storry. Happy Valentines day :-)


Kate said...

Happy love filled day to you too Miss Beck! I hope your whole week is full of sunny blue skies and cups a tea with friends. XX

Tanya said...

I am with Tania- ooh, first year uni and a new apartment- how very fun! I love your girl and dog cuddle photo- it's fantastic

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

MiM said...

beautiful pics, valentines is extra special for you! ballet starts up for us again this week and i am wondering how the over tired 6 yr old will cope! :)

Floss said...

And in all that busy time you managed to post those papers to me! They have arrived - thanks so much, Beck, and thanks to your friend, too.

Now, I discovered I was expecting Son 2 on April Fool's Day...

Thanks so much for another beautiful story of your life at home - I always enjoy seeing you all, and thinking of you over the week to come.



Jennie said...

Wow - what an anniversary Beck!
I hope Charlotte's week has gone well - it looks like she has a lovely place there. Much love XX.