Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative Space

What's been happening in my space lately? I think I mentioned last week that I'm not making that much at the moment, I think my head is in a different zone right now. I have been enjoying making cosy spaces to nest in though, now the weather is getting colder. Little spots within the chaos to rest for a minute, a place to snuggle or read a book. Although I may not be pumping out work I'm always thinking. looking, appreciating, dreaming, photographing, collecting, mothering, partnering - all of which takes creative, and often, emotional energy.

I'm concious lately that it takes a lot of get up and go to run this ship I'm on. I'm finding that I really need more time for myself, and although it's still crazy busy here I am making that happen more than I used to. Looking after the needs of five children & one partner & numerous pets (don't make me count...) all of whom I love and adore, is pretty much a full time job. If I can make a few things too along the way then I'll be as happy as a clam.

So I'm going a bit easier on myself, slowing down a bit. I feel happy with my space, it's work in progress!

These two bunny girls were finished last week and are probably living it up in Paris with their new little girl owners.

I wonder if they will get sweet French names?

One of the joys of bunny making is the thought of them hopefully becoming part of someones life, part of their history.

I loved my toys so much when I was little. Not many of them were new, some were missing limbs or were a little wonky, often they were handmade. They all had names and were loved & treasured and played with endlessly. They were a big and magical part of my childhood. I hope my little bunnies are busy making happy memories too.

I'm working on two new bunny girls, another set of twins-

I'm thinking of using this gorgeous fabric, given to me by a beautiful friend, for their ears & skirts. It's just so adorable & should look pretty snazzy paired with one blue & one red cardi.

What's been happening in your world? Are you managing to find some time for you?
Yesterday two of my children went on school camp, one for the first time. They are off to Sovereign Hill to experience life in the 1850's, wow! Bill didn't even say goodbye, he just hopped on the bus and that was that! At least I got some cuddles from Lucy (far right), who looks like having a fun time with her mates. I'll be glad to have them both home, safe & sound on Friday night.

Well I'm off to have a look at some more creative spaces over at Kirsty's,
hope you are having a wonderful week,
see you soon xo

Monday, April 26, 2010

Four days

Heading down to the city to see my favourite seventeen year old.

Friday night delicious dinner & a dvd - then toast and tea on Saturday morning. Did I mention sleeping it? All the years of getting up early with toddlers, my brain aching from not enough sleep, make this a super, special event.

Saturday flowers shining their faces at the sun. Which reminds me of the new baby in our family, my cousin has a new baby girl, Lily Catherine. What a beautiful name, welcome little one!

Saturday, driving through the Cheese Grater on the way home. Goodbye city,

hello cows.

Sunday morning, Anzac march. It was so emotional watching these amazing people who gave so much for our country. The sense of respect & sorrow, of tenderness, of pride, the memories & history, the support & thanks for these brave men & women of our little town, it was all there in the faces & hearts of the watching crowd. And there was my Lucy marching with the Guides, a very special morning.

Sunday leaves. Falling so quickly & carpeting our path with orange & yellow. Autumn sun, sneaking through, making shadows on shadows. Sunday Max with his new sleek haircut, pretending to be a shadow too.

Sunday morning Rosie wakes with a golden coin & fairy dust on her shelf!! Breathless at my bedside. Yes, the tooth came out & the dear fairy came. So much excitement on Sunday.

Including visiting this ace local building for a garage sale. Lots of local sticky beaks (including me) and many treasures, for the quick! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the very gorgeous & historic Raglan Hotel later in the week.

Monday mooching. Taking it easy, hanging together & catching up with some overdue jobs. Such as tidying up the sewing room/sunroom! Yay! Monday that doesn't feel like Monday, but some other nameless day that has snuck into the week.

Monday sunshine. Golden, amber, honey glow. Trying to take a decent photo of my quince jelly.

And finally, Monday flowers. In a house that is often chaotic, with piles of washing to fold and put away, with abandoned games & toys, with Barbie shoes & footballs hiding under chairs, with drawings littering every surface, with dirty windows that no longer shine, my Monday flowers are a simple, happy, colourful indulgence. A little bit of beauty that calms me and reminds me to stop & breath. To see the beautiful, to celebrate the simple, to find the treasure amongst the mess.

Did you have a happy weekend? Was there something, or someone, special that made you feel good? Hope so....see you soon sweet friends xo

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fleamarket Finds

Lots of lovely finds to show you this week. This illustration comes from one of my favourite thrifted books, handed on to me by my mum who found it many years ago.

While I was taking the photo's for todays post I have had so much fun revisiting this gorgeous book.

If only you could see the many pages of beautiful ideas, patterns, pictures...

I'm seriously going to have to try to make some of these adorable dolls clothes, this is only page one! There is a very elaborate wedding dress over the page, I might have to start with something simpler though, such as bloomers, ok... maybe the hankie.

So sweet..

Guimpe? Isn't that a town in New South Wales...?

Yesterday on the way back from Melbourne I found this kids footy jumper for $1.50, just right for a certain girl I know who loves the Doggies!

And I'm pretty happy too with this cotton bedspread which appeared at Savers in Brunswick. Boy is that one bustling shop!

Finally here is a dear little tin pot thingie which I found a few weeks ago. I love the flowers, the little knob on top and the mystery of what to put in it? Any ideas?

I can't get enough op shop action. I love to make friends with the volunteers, they are the salt of the earth and are often older women who work hard, like a chat (sometimes) & are great at giving back to their community. Do you have a favourite opshop, or opshop person, maybe an opshop story? I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email, my address can be found with my profile.

Have you found anything amazing lately? I bet you have. Do pop over to see Sophie & see what other treasures have been found. See you soon sweeties xo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Creative Space

While I am not getting a huge amount of creative projects finished lately I did make this little vintage NZ tea towel cushion yesterday, I like the way it jazzes up my bed and it was fun, simple & easy. I'm not stressing about the fact I'm not getting heaps done, this is the way it often works with me. I have a busy period of late nights and deadlines and then phases where my foot is off the accelerator & I find I'm happily making things in a more relaxed way.

Having said that there are two bunny girls who need to be finished by tomorrow before they jet off to two little girls in France, lucky rabbits!!

So they'll be needing some skirts of course, and their pink & greeny/blue cardi's are arriving in the morning. I'll show you the finished twins next week.

Rosie & I had a very happy visit from Kate & Miss Pepper yesterday & one of the topics of conversation which really got me thinking was the whole thing about who owns ideas or concepts, is it ok to share or borrow ideas etc. Some lavender hearts that were similar to mine were seen in a local shop. Did I feel funny about this? I guess I'm not sure. In one way I am but only slightly, after all the heart shape is not original and neither are pinking shears.

My Love hearts were something I came up with one day, I've made & sold a squillion of them & if someone else has borrowed the idea I guess that's ok. If it had been a complex design, something that I had worked extremely hard on to perfect, something particularly me and mine then perhaps I would feel differently. What do you think? Has this happened to you?

After the girls left yesterday I pulled out the dye pot. I've had a gorgeous Egyptian cotton doona cover languishing in the cupboard, waiting for someone to give it a new lease of life. It was white but some parts of it had become stained and were no longer looking too flash. Hmmm...what colour would I use...?

Yep, fuchsia of course!!

It came out pretty well although I don't think the pot was big enough to cope with a queen size doona cover, the coverage wasn't really even. (Max doesn't care though, he likes pink.) Still, I think it's an improvement on the way it was and I learned a bit more about the dying process. When I came out to check it in the late afternoon someone had taken it off the line and used it as a roof for a makeshift cubby. I guess that's pretty did look pretty!
So although I'm not in a creative frenzy lately things have been bubbling away nicely. I'm working on another big idea which may take a while to happen but it's fun to plan for. I'm also loving our craft nights at the Perfect Drop. It's been fun meeting some new local crafty types as well as hanging with some well known, local identities, chatting & having a laugh. What's been happening in your creative space lately? Lets zip over to Kirsty's and see what everyone else is up to. Bye for now lovely friends, xo

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pincushion excitement!!

Wow, what a great and busy weekend has just flew by! Phew. It all started on Friday when the postie dropped off a little package at my door. As I was ripped off the brown paper wrapping I had a feeling I was in for something pretty wonderful.....
This amazing pincushion was made especially for me by gorgeous Michelle of Midge & Judy. She has added some sweet touches such as the chooks and rabbit, things she knows are close to my heart. Isn't it fantastic?? I was so touched to receive this beautiful pincushion that I had a bit of a tear or two, how lovely to be given something so special.

There is such detail in this little work of art, look at the bunny! Check out those carrots!!

And the holly hocks! As I said to Michelle I will really treasure this amazing pincushion and whenever I use it I will be reminded of her generosity and how a gift made by hand can bring such joy. Thanks so much Kate too for this fantastic swap, it has really connected people, in such a simple but wonderful way.

The rest of the weekend was a happy whirl of cooking,


..and walking. I'm really on a roll with my exercise at the moment. On Saturday I did two laps of the lake again, taking in lots of lovely outdoors action, a wedding with a string quartet! and all the while dreaming and planning, and listening to Lucy's ipod.

I'm really feeling the benefits of regular exercise, my head feels clearer, I am feeling fitter & I'm not as weepy or cranky. Sunday has been joining me for bush walks, something we love to do together.

Yesterday we walked down to see mum in Hepburn, down through the gully and across the little bridge.

And up the hill to mums.

Have you got a busy week ahead? I'm looking forward to catching up with Kate & Pepper on Wednesday, finishing off some bunny orders, two school meetings, catching up with Michelle to talk garlic tomorrow, as well as Phillippa for our Women in Small Business meeting! Yay. Next Tuesday we are heading to Ballarat to do research for our various businesses. This research will probaly lead to a few lovely shops and some great coffee. Fun! This group is a great way to get motivated to get the most out of a small business and an excellent way to workshop ideas and get feedback. Phillippa was encouraged to start a blog as a way of connecting with other creative people and promoting her fabulous fabric. Do pop over and say hi.

Hope you have a fun week sweeties, what are you up to? xo