Monday, April 26, 2010

Four days

Heading down to the city to see my favourite seventeen year old.

Friday night delicious dinner & a dvd - then toast and tea on Saturday morning. Did I mention sleeping it? All the years of getting up early with toddlers, my brain aching from not enough sleep, make this a super, special event.

Saturday flowers shining their faces at the sun. Which reminds me of the new baby in our family, my cousin has a new baby girl, Lily Catherine. What a beautiful name, welcome little one!

Saturday, driving through the Cheese Grater on the way home. Goodbye city,

hello cows.

Sunday morning, Anzac march. It was so emotional watching these amazing people who gave so much for our country. The sense of respect & sorrow, of tenderness, of pride, the memories & history, the support & thanks for these brave men & women of our little town, it was all there in the faces & hearts of the watching crowd. And there was my Lucy marching with the Guides, a very special morning.

Sunday leaves. Falling so quickly & carpeting our path with orange & yellow. Autumn sun, sneaking through, making shadows on shadows. Sunday Max with his new sleek haircut, pretending to be a shadow too.

Sunday morning Rosie wakes with a golden coin & fairy dust on her shelf!! Breathless at my bedside. Yes, the tooth came out & the dear fairy came. So much excitement on Sunday.

Including visiting this ace local building for a garage sale. Lots of local sticky beaks (including me) and many treasures, for the quick! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the very gorgeous & historic Raglan Hotel later in the week.

Monday mooching. Taking it easy, hanging together & catching up with some overdue jobs. Such as tidying up the sewing room/sunroom! Yay! Monday that doesn't feel like Monday, but some other nameless day that has snuck into the week.

Monday sunshine. Golden, amber, honey glow. Trying to take a decent photo of my quince jelly.

And finally, Monday flowers. In a house that is often chaotic, with piles of washing to fold and put away, with abandoned games & toys, with Barbie shoes & footballs hiding under chairs, with drawings littering every surface, with dirty windows that no longer shine, my Monday flowers are a simple, happy, colourful indulgence. A little bit of beauty that calms me and reminds me to stop & breath. To see the beautiful, to celebrate the simple, to find the treasure amongst the mess.

Did you have a happy weekend? Was there something, or someone, special that made you feel good? Hope so....see you soon sweet friends xo


Copper Patch said...

Love your posts Beck, it's like you live a fairytale!

Jemm said...

That looks like such a wonderful weekend. Mine was good too. Another fun one planned for this coming weekend. A mother/daughter luncheon with my grandma and an antique show! I'm excited. I hope it doesn't rain :)

Fippa said...

Hi much has happened since we saw each other last week! Rosie's tooth ( finally )and that amazing garage sale. I am kicking myself for missing that. That building looks so spectacular inside now that I want to tie up the owners and take it over....Mmmmm. you could help me!

Screamstress said...

The idea of "Monday flowers" is a great one, and I might adopt it myself! Also love the quince jelly shot, in a hectic child-filled whirlwind, its really important to find a quiet spot of beauty.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

What a fabulous, full weekend!
I also have flowers in the house with week. Tropical ones of course. The hardest thing I find parenting these 4 beauties is staying in the now. To just be and enjoy and forget the mountain of stuff because stuff can always wait. Little ones don't. Good luck with your week xox

trixi said...

What a fun filled and exciting weekend! Your quince jelly photo in a previous post inspired me to make some. I had never made jam before but had always wanted to, so I took the plunge. The quince jelly was a huge success and I have since made plum, strawberry and kiwi fruit jam! Amazing what a photo can do!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

The perfect weekend! Lovely pictures, your path covered in leaves looks magical!

crzylady said...

as always, so lovely. did that baby show have lots of adorable little chooks? :)

Karen said...

That sounds like a lovely relaxed weekend. Isn't it great to have a Monday off - even as a stay-at-home mum it feels like a day 'off' because there are others to share the day-to-day things with.
We didn't venture far from home but enjoyed time at a few of our favourite parks.

Ooty said...

=) I love your posts!!!
Sunday in Israel is your Monday =D
But I must say that this week started off pretty good =)

Steph said...

So, so lovely Beck!! Yor quince jelly looks heaven...and those flowers. Your garden looks magical too. Hope your week is happy and sunny :)

Tania said...

There really should be a name for Mondays that aren't real Mondays but mooch about days, breathing in and breathing out days, bonus days - SmellTheRosesDay?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like a beautiful weekend Beck...a 'sleep in' too! Outrageous!
Have a really great week and try to stay snuggly must be jolly cold up there!
P.S. thanks for your reassurance again Beck
xxx Chele

michelle said...

great photos and a lovely post. thanks for sharing the story of a great weekend

Floss said...

Beautiful photos of a special time, Beck. We had a wonderful weekend too, with the pleasure of me being back with the family, lots of spring sunshine and loads of garden work done by all (for small rewards in the boys' case - they don't do much for free, but don't demand much either, so there you go...)

picciolo said...

what a great post, it look like a really good weekend
: )