Monday, November 8, 2010

This morning

This morning we are getting to know our new baby chooks.

Giving them some love,

admiring chicken hairstyles,

and watching them from the kitchen window, in their repurposed dog kennel & yard.

Meet Veronica (hair do), Texta (named & claimed by Charlotte) & the little grey one who isn't named yet (Billy is still thinking).

This morning I'm thinking about the lovely Phillippa & Tania who I saw yesterday at the Daylesford Maker's Market.  Both these clever girls had tables full of original, gorgeous wares....but where were all the customers? It did seem very quiet, which was a shame. Anyway, it was great to have a chat & a laugh or two!

At home we having been busy making things, such as these cute cut out dolls we found at Merrilyn's shop. Aren't they cool?

More dolls destined for the market...

and some crazy cartoons. Bill has been hard at work creating his own comic, lots of explosions & evil guys! Oh, and the odd chicken.

We have been loving the warmer weather, planting vegies, playing outside, hanging washing on the line and smiling at our lovely ducks who like to relax under the apple tree.

I'm so happy about the more frequent sunny days and big, blue skies. What's happening in your world?
Hope you all have a wonderful week, see you soon xo

ps. here is a super big blue sky for you x


Kate said...

dFar out you make me giggle girlie!
LOVE the new chickies!
i hope things are happy in your world and I can't wait until Wednesday. XX

Fippa said...

The chooks are little rockers! They need to be in a chook band I think! Last day at work so I am doing illegal blogging type activities. Thanks for the big write up and photo and for adding some sparkle to my Sunday and Monday! love Lotes

Jennie said...

Hey Beck! Love the chooks!
And those cut out dolls look like a fabulous idea!!

PS. that sky is amaaazing.x

Anonymous said...

love that big blue sky, breathtaking! Veronicas hair do is super cool.


Heidi said...

thats a beautiful blue sky...pop over and see what i'm stuck in!

aracne said...

Hi, Beck! It is nice to see a blue sky, it has been raining buckets here in Florence, we are definitly heading into winter.
I see that your chickens are part of the family: do you really EAT them, in the end?

teddybearswednesday said...

OH My god I LOVE your chickie babes.
Love this post too
love to you most of all xo

Dragonfly said...

I'm loving your babies! Especially the one with the hair-do! My hens are looking rather bedraggled in the rain and what with moulting... poor things!

Tania said...

Ha. You couldn't style a Veronica hairdo, even if you tried!

Flotsam Friends said...

What a great post. That's what life is supposed to be like in my mind... Nature, friends, family, creativity... The perfect combination to happiness. Those chicks are so, so cute. And I adore your latest doll. She reminds me of Jemima from Play School. I wish I had her cardi! Pruxxx

Wendy said...

Your little chookies made me smile---a rare commodity at the moment! Love Billy's comic, too...that creativity must run in the family.

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi Beck

Thanks for popping over, after I had wrote the post I nearly deleted it - didnt want it to sound "poor me" !!

Go for it with your studying - if you dont try it you'll never know X Your chicks are so cute and I'm so jealous of that blue sky - we've needed our lights on all day since Sunday :( XXXXX