Monday, November 29, 2010

at my house

Hands up!!  Who had a crazy weekend? We did, phew! At my house today I'm sitting here in the kitchen having a nice hot cup of tea & trying to catch my breath. This time of year is so full on isn't it? End of year things, pre Christmas planning, school wind up...I seriously need a secretary, or a wife, or both..

All weekend the rain poured down and last night the wind nearly took our roof off. I'm not a big fan of wind, it makes me feel all tetchy & unsettled. Silly wind. The ducks loved the rain though, doing ducky things and squelching around on their webby feet in the puddles.

In amongst the madness of dance rehearsals I managed to squeeze in a visit with gorgeous Jess. Gee I love Jess.  She is one of my favourite bloggy mates, such a warm hearted, funny & creative person, and a genuine friend. I loved hanging out with her & some of her creatures at Cliffy's. So relaxing & great conversation too. Thanks Jess.

After dropping Jess in town I high tailed it back to our house to pick up a special girl who was voting for the first time! woo hoo!

Yesteday the same lovely girl & I got up early and drove through the rain to good old Ballarat, home of my dad's side of the family,  to the Sugar & Spice Childrens Market.

Here I am looking like a demented festive housewife, what's with my hair? Just ignore me and focus on that colourful stall...I was very happy with how it looked yesterday. Loving the spots.

We had a pretty good day, met lots of people, sold some bunnies and bits and ate delicious cake from a lovely local business in Main Road, Ballarat, CAKE! Yum! Have you visited Main Road lately? It reminds me on an up & coming Piper St, very quirky & interesting.

Ali from Sugar & Spice did a fantastic job getting everything organised yesterday after a last minute venue change. Thanks Ali! I'm really looking forward to the Woodend market on December 12, more fun!  At my house today I'm getting ready to go and buy some new chooks, thinking about Bill's 9th birthday on Friday, the dress rehearsal & recital this weekend, and how I can fit in some relaxation time for it possible? Hmmm. At my house I'm thinking about the Craft Group dinner tonight and how I"m going to get there as My Beloved has just joined the Daylesford Brass Band who practice on Monday nights. Hmmmm. At my house I'm thinking of you and wondering what you are up to today? Are you playing along with Lou Lou? Have a great week, see you soon xo


Little Ted Canvas said...

Your stall looks so lovely & bright! I'm so glad it was a good day for you & very sad not to have made it. I hope you manage to get to your craft group tonight, what a fun idea. It sure is the season for markets, Woodend next, hey...just maybe...I'll check everyones schedules & try to pencil that one in x

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Beck your stall looks wonderful!!! I love the dollhouse detail, your sign and they way everything is displayed.
Demented housewife? What are you talking about you look gorgeous, silly billy ( i think the winds gotten to you)
I'm so glad you had a good day.
Thank you so much for both the gorgeous things you've said about me and meeting up with me on Saturday on a psycho busy day for you. I had a ball, and feel so at ease with you, I wished I lived around the corner so I could see more of you!
Have fun tonight, I'm a little jealous, I'm sure you'll find a way to get there, can't your hubby drop off on the way?
big love to you

fairchildstreet said...

Phew lots happened at your house over the weekend. Pretty stall. Charmaine

kitty said...

Your stall is so sweet. Love the polkadots so much.
I'm trying to avoid this end of year madness. I'm in serious denial though.
Good luck with the next few weeks. x

CurlyPops said...

Sorry I didn't make it for a visit to the market yesterday. I got caught up at my dads house and just ran out of time!
Your stall looks absolutely lovely - I think I might need a brighter tablecloth after looking at all that beautiful colour.

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Your stall does look very bright and colourful. Great work! So funny that you noticed your hair - looks great to me!

Your list of things to do, places to go and people to see this week are making me tired just thinking about it all - hope you have a fun silly season. Lou.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a crazy busy weekend. I hope this week will allow you some feet-up time!

Kylie said...

Ahh yes - crazy weekends - our Christmas party and end of year celebrations have started.
The stall looks great - LOL to needing a wife:)

Anonymous said...

I've been on of those put it off till December people and now that tomorrow PANIC!

Your stall looks lovely! I hope you had a good day.

Thanks for sharing what is happening at your house.