Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fairy Land and Sugar & Spice

 Yesterday Rosie went to Isabella's party on top of Wombat Hill, in the beautiful, green Botanical Gardens.

In the shade of big elms the girls dressed as fairies,

and played, and danced and ran.

Maria did an amazing job setting up the party, the pretty rotunda was decorated in pink & all things fairy.

Bunting hung from the trees and colourful flowers and other pretty bits were everywhere. Lanterns, wind flowers, love hearts, all so gorgeous.

Rosie had so much fun! She smiled all day.

It was so lovely watching the girls playing & having fun together, it really cheered me up as I haven't been feeling that great lately.

Nothing more than being tired and a bit worn out really. So it was good to escape into fairy land yesterday, oh to be five years old again....

Back at Dandelion HQ here is headless me, surrounded by all the colour and the happy chaos of my sewing space.

It's all sew, sew, sew here as I prepare for the Sugar & Spice Children's market on Sunday. If you live in Ballarat, or are in the area, do pop in and say hi. I'd love to see you. The market is in St Patricks Hall on Dawson St, just around the corner from Sturt St, next to the big bluestone church.

I have some new bits and pieces too, I can't wait to show you!
And some old favourites, like these Christmas Love Hearts.
I haven't been able to visit you all so much lately
but once things settle down 
I'll be round for a cuppa.
Hope all is well in your world,
much love 

ps: pop by on Thursday for a special giveaway...



Kate said...

I can't wait to show Miss Pepper these pics of 'her Rosie'! Fairy land looks and sounds perfect. Hope the market prep is going well. I've got a couple of stories to tell you next time we catch up (hopefully soon). Any news on the big move? XX

Sue said...

Oh that party looks so gorgeous, it makes me want to be a fairy and sit in the rotunda surrounded by magic! Your sewing corner looks very busy Bec so you must be making lots of things! Hope all goes well with the markets too and that your energy levels pick up soon. I have been dreadfully tired this week too but mine is from hayfever so I am looking forward to some rain!

daisy said...

what absolute heaven that party must of been for those girls! beautiful spot and so perfectly decked out.

Little Ted Canvas said...

So gorgeous, what a perfect setting for a fairy party! You do sound very busy, everything sure does rev up at this time of year,as much as I'm loving it at the moment it'll be nice to take a bit of a break once christmas is over..x

Linda said...

What a charming party for these cute little fairies...

Catherine said...

Fairy land looks lovely! Hope you get a chance to relax and restore your energy levels soon xx

Lizzie said...

I was up in the Wombat Gardens about a week ago, was driving through, bought some take-away and sat on the grass, up on the hill to eat it...bliss! I love that everywhere is so green right now, it's wonderful to see it this year...

Marbella Mummy said...

What a lovely day! Looks like my daughter's idea of heaven too! Hope you feel better quickly! x

green tea and red nails said...

oh this is so lovely! the girls must have loved it! Good luck at the markets

kel x

crzylady said...

so glad you found fairy land! So many colors. Could use a stop in at the moment with the biting wind and snow! And can't wait to see the goodies. ALWAYS love your hearts. No one makes them like you do <3

Red Brick said...

Wow, that party looks ace!
Can I please, please, please sell some of your bunnies in my shop?! 1 boy and 2 girlies would be ace! message me. xxx